Oh Sweet Start

Time for me to write my first real post! If you have read the ‘About Me’ bit on my blog, or know me even a little, you will know that I am something of a chocaholic. I also like to bake, and probably may favourite thing to make, for many reasons, is chocolate brownies. So my first ever proper real post is going to be dedicated to chocolate brownies. And to help you share in my joy, here is my recipe.
Err, nope… the Love Of My Life has just arrived home from work positively laden with chocolate!!!!!! Bliss!
So this first post is just dedicated to chocolate.


I am a rubbish photographer, though I’d love to be good at it. Please excuse, nay forgive, my terrible terrible photos.

PS The chocolate brownie recipe will follow soon!
PS2 The reason for all the chocolate was a screeching baby, all day long. We’re working on his naps and Little Man’s not happy about it.



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7 responses to “Oh Sweet Start

  1. Magda

    Cool, sheila, congrats!

  2. M

    Chocolate – delicious stuff -can often cause pain in breast-fed babies. Just thought I should warn you that your feast could =a disturbed night!!!

  3. I know, luckily he was fine!

  4. Helen Poole

    The chocolate photo is making me want to eat some!!

  5. Ange

    Well done Sheila! I look forward to reading your posts (-:

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