Pie Squared

Oooooooh, I luuurve pie!

Whether sweet or savoury there is something comforting and just… well, lovely, about pie.

My father-in-law has been visiting and he is a bigger pie fan than I am. As his sons would say, hy is lief vir ‘n stukkie pastei (He loves a bit of pie). So pie it is!
Now usually I ‘cheat’ and just do pastry on the top, but in honour of my skoonpa (father-in-law), who is leaving to go back to South Africa today, and celebrated his birthday while with us, I went the whole hog (interesting saying, that one. Will have to look it up) – shortcrust blind-baked for the base, chicken and mushroom filling, scrummy puff pustry for the top.

Love Of My Life and I always decorate the top when we have pie so this one has balloons and Skoonpa‘s initial. Imagination required to see them…

Please note: I am NOT a photographer, I don’t know how to change the shutter speed, my house has terrible lighting and my hands always shake. So excuse the photos, but I like seeing photos on other blogs and figured I’d give it a try. Apologies.

Whenever possible, I make a double batch so I can stick a pie in the freezer. Did I mention I luuuurve pie?

As an aside, after blind-baking a pastry case I always struggle to get the baking beans (ceramic balls) out of the pastry case. This time was no exception: balls rolling all over the floor, under the stove, between the washing machine and fridge and, mysteriously, one landed up inside the mitt part of the oven gloves. Somehow it went in without me noticing, and in the fumbling with baking paper and trying not to tip the entire pastry case out of the dish, I stuck my hand back into the oven glove. Oh. My. Hat. Burn baby burn. I then went chasing after the escaping balls, stupidly assuming they’s cooled enough in 45 seconds-ish. More burn, in little ball-sized patches all over my hands.
And this on the same day that I (yes, stupidly) tried to change a light bulb that had just gone and had been burning all morning. Hmm. It’s the wonderful phenomenon known as Baby Brain.


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