Let Sleeping Babies Lie

Sleep is a strange thing, isn’t it?

It’s the thing you don’t want to do as a kid. It’s the thing you can’t stop doing as a student – but during the day, not at night. It’s the thing you want more of when you’re sacrificing it to meet a deadline at work. And it’s the thing you miss the most once you have a baby.

Our Little Man slept beautifully as a newborn. No complaints! But he got to about 3 months old and suddenly, mysteriously, he screamed a lot and slept a little. He would scream inconsolably while I went through the checklist: Nappy, fine. Tummy, full. Temperature of the room, just right. He wasn’t teething, he wasn’t unwell, I didn’t have his toe in a vice. Yet he just would not stop screaming.

Oh, the deafening, piercing screaming. He had us confused and worried and so anxious. I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a frustrated tear or two.

We finally realised that Little Man had decided that sleeping just wasn’t for him, especially sleeping during daylight hours. The screaming was simply him verbalising his displeasure.

That realisation helped to make the screaming bearable as we knew there was nothing wrong, but it didn’t make getting him to nap any easier! ‘So maybe he just didn’t need to nap?’ ‘ Was it really such a bad thing if he didn’t sleep during the day?’ I hear you ask. Ha! He was a miserable so-and-so, fretting and crying and un-put-down-able.

So I rocked him. And sang to him. And held him in my arms for however long the nap was. I had never before been so grateful for mobile phone internet or fast wireless broadband. Facebook, and multiple desperate searches for forums about ‘My baby fights sleep’ kept me sane (ish?).

And that, dear readers, is how I discovered blogs had enough time to become a blogaholic.

Many thanks to my friend Angela for introducing me, via Facebook, to the blog I mentioned in Friday’s post.


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