I Say Po-Tay-To, You Say Po-Tah-to

I am, right now, sitting in Little Man’s darkened room. He’s asleep at last and I intend to keep him that way as long as possible. Which is why I am here in the dark holding him. Sigh. Usually I quite enjoy this quiet time – perfect for catching up on Facebook and emails* or Googling random things – but today I am hungry… so I keep Googling about food and making it worse (why do I do this to myself?) I was thinking – dreaming – about tonight’s jacket potatoes, when I came across a whole site dedicated to the wonderful potato.

When it comes to my Food Favourites, potatoes are way up there (okay, okay, I have lots of favourites but potatoes are really high on the list). I could easily eat potatoes every night, and usually would prefer them as the main (only?) part of the meal instead of a measly side.

So I was excited to see a whole website dedicated to the love of potatoes… so excited/obsessed/hungry that I had to blog about it.

And now back to my hunger-induced imaginings… Soon I shall be biting into a perfectly baked potato – HOT HOT HOT, crisp skin, soft insides. Hmmm… what are you eating tonight??

Sidetrack: I also noticed a link to a potato growing project for schools… guess what I want to do when I go back to work?

*E-mail vs Email: I’ve dropped the hyphen these days. Anyone else do that too? Are there cyberspace rules about this?


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