The Kitchen Table Appreciation Society

Double Teaming on the Changing Table

Before Little Man arrived, my thoughts were all about his arrival. Ouch takes up a lot of brain space! I had thought ahead enough (and made lists and more lists) to pack my hospital bag and get clothes, nappies and a bath, but I really hadn’t thought very much about the practicalities (How can you really prepare when you have no idea how things are actually going to be?), like where we would change his gazillion nappies, or where we would put this baby bath when he was in it.

So when we brought the li’l guy home and had to do the first nappy change, things got a bit chaotic. Suddenly you realise that you need to have everything to hand, and you don’t realise what ‘everything’ is until you’re right in the middle of a really nasty newborn nappy. [Aside – haha! We thought those were nasty?!]

And that is how our kitchen table became our changing station. It was the perfect size for changing mat, nappies, basket of vests and babygro’s, and other sundry items of changing paraphernalia.

Also, when there is a serious case of projectile poop, it lands on the laminate flooring rather than a bedroom carpet. (And quite a bit on Love Of My Life too!)

But, we now have a space-saving changer that you rest on top of the cot, then whip off when you’ve finished and, voila you have your cot back. So I am pleased to announce that WE HAVE OUR KITCHEN TABLE BACK! And boy, do I appreciate it so much more now. Nappies, vests and babygro’s have new homes in drawers, shelves and cupboards where they belong.  And I have somewhere to fold washing. I have somewhere to put stuff when I don’t have time to file it. You know those dishes that, before you can pack them back in the cupboard you first have to unpack the entire contents of that cupboard because it lives right at the back underneath ten other dishes? Now I have somewhere to dump – err, temporarily keep – them until I have time to unpack that cupboard.

And in theory, we now don’t have to eat our meals on our laps anymore… That is going to be a bad habit to break – we are so used to eating dazedly in front of the television.

I grew up eating every meal as a family around the table. And I loved it! It is most certainly something that I want Little Man to grow up doing. Real conversation, proper quality time, enjoying each others’ company…


So I’d better get that washing folded and packed, file away those bank statements and pack those (darn) dishes away.

Let’s eat!


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