Wish list…

I have a long wish list. Don’t we all? In fact, we probably all have a few long wish lists.

You already know about my longing for a typewriter, but there are *a few* other things I’d quite like to add to my collection of crafty & write-y things. (I’ve convinced myself that having these things will make me a more crafty and creative person. Hmm.)

Here are my recent purchases (sparse since we’re on maternity leave rations).

Part of my attempt to become a more crafty and creative person...


Compare that to my very long wishlist…


Wax Seals

Vintage Wooden Letterpress Letters


Or Even an Actual Mini Letterpress!

Star Paper Punch (for starters)

Label Maker


Lots Of Pretty Ribbon


Pinking Shears

Spray paints

Goo Gone

A Sewing Machine

And, Of Course, A Typewriter

Some of these things, I will have to wait a very, very long time for. That’s fine. While I wait, I will plot and plan all the wonderful things I will create… And hope that I *develop* some natural talent for it, too. I should add that to my wish list!!


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