A Week Of Handmade Valentine’s Ideas: Tuesday

Yes, I know it’s not Tuesday. But yesterday my blog was down, so today will be two-for-one!

In the run-up to the cheesiest of all celebrations, I thought I’d get in the Valentine spirit and hook us all up with some cute ideas, whether to do, or give, or hint at to be given, or to make to *show the love* around your home. I think they’re kinda nice. And not too cliche (in my opinion). Best of all, they’re {mostly} handmade and non-bank breakers.

Special Places Print

Personalised Destination Print via Betsy Benn

I absolutely *love* this idea!

And really there’s no need to pay for it get professionals to do it for you, all you need is a clear font on your computer, a printer and some paper or thin card.

Frame it, or don’t.

Fold it in half to make a card or keep it as a poster.

Hang it up on your fridge with cute magnets, or make a mini version to put in your loved one’s lunch box (okay, WAY TOO CHEESY! Apologies)

And who says it has to be meaningful destinations? What about quotes from a favourite lovey-dovey film? Or your own silly sayings that are like inside jokes just between the two of you?

Endless possibilities, people. Endless!

My own take on this idea, using a quote.


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