A Week Of Handmade Valentine’s Ideas: Thursday

In the run-up to the cheesiest of all celebrations, I thought I’d get in the Valentine spirit and hook us all up with some cute ideas, whether to do, or give, or hint at to be given, or to make to *show the love* around your home. I think they’re kinda nice. And not too cliche (in my opinion). Best of all, they’re {mostly} handmade and non-bank breakers.

Cute or Funny Photo Bunting

Photo Bunting

Ashley Ann, from my much-loved Under The Sycamore, contributed this idea to the Design Aglow website, including a full tutorial.

It’s a little technical and requires preparation – you’ll need photos and photo editing software. But of course, you can always use speech bubble stickers, or cut out your own speech bubbles and glue them on the pictures.

Use funny photos of the two of you together (steal them off Facebook if you need to!), or photos of your children, like Ashley does.

If you have pictures of the day you met, you can re-tell the moment of your first meeting (sigh) – add your friends’ pictures and their comments or version of the story too. This could get embarrassing! Heehee.


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