A Week Of Handmade Valentine’s Ideas: Saturday

In the run-up to the cheesiest of all celebrations, I thought I’d get in the Valentine spirit and hook us all up with some cute ideas, whether to do, or give, or hint at to be given, or to make to *show the love* around your home. I think they’re kinda nice. And not too cliche (in my opinion). Best of all, they’re {mostly} handmade and non-bank breakers.

Start a New Tradition!

Photo Booth

I love this idea from Young House Love. Start a tradition by taking crazy and cutesy snaps in a photo booth every year on the same date, whether Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary or birthday.

These guys keep their photo booth strips in a dedicated album, as well as scattering them around the house in various displays. A great conversation starter, and I expect catching a glimpse of some classic  funny moments in the middle of a  “domestic” would help to break the tension a little 😉


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