Dreams dreams dreams

You know how they say you can’t die in a dream? Somehow you will always wake up just before that fateful moment?

Last night I had the weirdest dream. Nightmare, actually 😦 One of those unusual dreams that continue when you fall back to sleep after waking yourself up to stop the craziness. It involved a bad guy (of course). At first he just repeatedly stole stuff from me and my friends [uni friends of course, sleeping over at some strange hotel shopping mall thing],  but I always seemed to catch him thieving, so he started trying to kill me. Great. And always by throwing a ridiculous assortment of random sharp objects. Because naturally we were running. I was chasing him, shouting like crazy, and NOBODY ELSE DID ANYTHING TO HELP!! Why? And to make matters worse, when I tried throwing things at him to try to protect myself and stop him, all I could find were plastic things. Brilliant, that’s going to stop a hardened criminal and my wannabe murderer.

As I said, I woke myself up/got woken up by Little Man [it’s all a bit of a blur now] but it continued to get more and more strange, although all in the same vein, when I fell asleep again. It all came to a head when, just when I thought I had finally scared him off for good, he returned. I rushed to the door of my room to lock it, but through the interlocking door (to the kitchen?) came…. a cook.

She finished icing the cupcake that was in her hand, and then ate it, slowly, looking at me in a strange way. It was all in slow motion, and I had this awful feeling that maybe she was in cohoots with the thief/killer. I was shouting at her to lock the door, but she just kept on eating her cupcake, licking the icing off (something that annoys we in my awake state anyway!)… As I flicked the lock on the door, I looked over at her and for the first time I noticed… in her hand she was carrying a cake icer [yes, in my dream that is a real thing. It looks like a fire extinguisher, but it blasts out icing to hose over a cake rather than foam to put out a fire]… I was still holding onto the door handle after a dramatic dive to reach the lock… she locked eyes with me… out of the corner of my eye I could see her bringing the cake icer/fire extinguisher up to my head and holding it next to my ear… I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was going to kill me by spraying icing into my brain.

And Little Man let out a squawk and thankfullyI woke up.  I have never been so grateful to be woken up by a crying baby.

It was only when I got back into bed (afraid to go back to sleep) that I realised the fantastic truth: She was going to ice me. Ice me.

——— oOO ———

On a completely different note, I said on Monday that I would post the best Valentine ‘story’  from your comments. My poor Blogger Ego – only two comments! To make my B.E. feel better I’m telling myself it must just be that none of you did anything comment-worthy for Valentine’s Day (how sad), and of course you’re all such busy people that you obviously wouldn’t have had time to post a comment anyway…   😉

So thank you, Belinda and Helen, for your replies… and well done to the winning commenter, Belinda – I think perhaps I would have picked yours had there been hundreds of replies anyway since it sounded absolutely perfect (no doubt aided by the fact that you mention a beautiful sunset over Table Bay – pulling on the heart strings!)

Here’s what Belinda and her Special Someone did for Valentine’s Day (read it and be envious!):

“Enjoyed a cheese, fig jam and biscuits platter with a bottle of chilled rose champagne outside, watching the sun set over Table Bay. All from the comfort of our verandah.”

Sigh. Sounds perfect.



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3 responses to “Dreams dreams dreams

  1. Oh, and the Tarte Tatin post I promised will be here TOMORROW! Sorry, but that dream just had to be shared… 😉

  2. Ange

    We postp0ned Valentines day, to be less commercial and surprise each other at random ususpecting later dates… keep you posted.

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