I am not alone in my weirdness…

I have a secret.

Err, had a secret.

Something even LOML didn’t know.

It felt so so good to tell him, and now it is time to come clean and share with you too.  The reason I have the courage to do this, is because of a particular post on a particular blog. I thought this was a gorgeous blog already anyway, but now I’m well and truly smitten.

You see, I have a thing for ampersands.

There, I’ve confessed.

You know, the ‘and’ sign. &. Sigh.

& & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & &

I knew it was strange to have a slight obsession with a character on a keyboard, but there’s just something about it that got me hooked.

And then, one day while perusing the posts of the aforementioned blog, I came across this. I was in obsession heaven! And it warmed my heart when I realised I was not the only one out there with a thing for ampersands.

I’m not such a the only weirdo after all!

Upon realising that there were so so many other ampersand freaks out there (just look at all the comments on that post), I started looking for others with a similar theme.

These are just two of the many, many ampersand-dedicated pages, sites and blogs out there:

Funkiest ampersands

A whole blog dedicated to ampersands – one a day for a year!


I was so relieved to see that I was not the only symbol sicko out there, that I finally had the guts to out myself to my husband. Thankfully, he accepts me for who I am, obsessions and all.



Via cuckoodesign.com

Via sarahsfabday.blogspot.com


Via blog.waim.co.uk

Via bigredheart.com

Via cartoonstock.com

&&&& And now that LOML knows, I can start collecting ampersands in all shapes, forms, sizes and materials! &&&&


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One response to “I am not alone in my weirdness…

  1. M

    Me too – maybe you inherited it. I saw that blog a couple of weeks ago. Don’t think I’m totally hooked, but pretty close.

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