My microwave is clean!

Really, you’re reading this post???  With a title like that?

Either you’re desperately bored or, like me, you hate cleaning yours and you’re hoping I’m going to tell you I’ve discovered a self-cleaning microwave at a fraction of the cost of a regular one. Err, no, sorry. But that would be nice!

No, what I have discovered is a quick and easy way to clean the microwave. You see, due to lack of worktop space, our microwave is on top of the fridge. Kinda hard to reach, but I can press the important buttons and get things in and out without burning myself too badly. The great thing the problem is, I can’t see inside the microwave to know when to give it a wipe. Yes, I could just do it on a regular basis, like give it a clean every Sunday or something like that (whatever), but it’s a case of ignorance is bliss. Or denial. If I can’t see the muck, it’s not there.  (How does it get there anyway? We always cover plates and dishes before heating them.) Eventually, when I can deny no longer, I am faced with the mammoth task of a microwave spring clean. Bleh. Until now…

Maybe you’ve known about this way of doing it for years. Maybe I’m the only newbie to this magnificent and oh so simple cleaning method… but if you’re curious – read on!

Microwave Cleaning Method That Is Really Really Super Duper Quick And Easy

1. Put a mug of water in the microwave.

2. Heat for 5 minutes on high.

3. Take out the mug, the round glass tray and revolving thingamajiggy.

4. Shut the door really quickly again to keep the steam in!

5. Wash the glass tray and revolving thingamajiggy immediately in warm soapy water (ok, that’s nothing new).

6. Now you can use a wet soapy cloth to wash the interior and door.

Ta da!

The steam loosens up the grime and makes it really really easy to wipe away. Apparently you can put lemon juice into the mug of water to help remove any odours too.

I found this advice at Apartment Therapy. Check out their other tips for tough cleaning situations.

Do it and tell me what you think! Did it work as well as I said it would??

Please tell me you have some great tips to revolutionise my cleaning?? I could sure use it. Put ’em in the comment box below 🙂


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