Car Boot Booty

My first foray into the world of repurposing!

And also part of my attempt to avoid the mass produced high street in my quest to create (in other words, trying to make new stuff out of old stuff, on the cheap! lol)

I am an awful shopper. I always shop with a mindset. A picture in my head of what I want to buy. And when (naturally) the shops don’t stock the exact thing I want, I have very little imagination to come up with a different plan.

Now I know that you cannot be like that at a car boot. Which is why I’ve never actually gone shopping at one of them. I think I have once wandered through one ‘accidentally’ (it was set up slap bang in the middle of my route home from town!). But this time was different. I had mentally prepared myself. I was open-minded. I had a few ideas of what kind of things I might hope to find, but no preconceived ideas. Also, I had remembered to take cash rather then rely on my trusty debit card. Now that is great forethought (I still have baby brain).

Mostly, I was just going to practise this new type of shopping.

So LOML, Little Man and I set out to our local car boot sale on a recent sunny Sunday morning…

And this is what I got, for the princely total sum of £4.50 (including a little practise haggle – I got a book thrown in free!)




This stamping set is my favourite. I was really chuffed with myself for finding it.


Hopefully I can actually do something with this stuff! Will keep you posted 🙂















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4 responses to “Car Boot Booty

  1. M

    YOu know of course about our experience with a John Bull printing set. On holiday, I needed my British passport stamped in Transkei. Everywhere was closed for the weekend so we asked at local police what to do. The commissioner tried to find out, but while the wheels were turning he got out JB set to make me a stamp. Unfortunately he found out he wasn’t allowed to do it!!! Imagine having that stamp! While there young A, just 2yrs old & fascinated with doors closed the door to outside & the handle fell off & we were locked in. Commisioner left JB se to go around from his side & undo door from outside. What a hoot!!

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