Something for Little Man’s Room

When I was pregnant, I had a lovely idea that I would use paint or ink to put Little Man’s teeny tiny hand and foot prints onto a canvas to hang in his room, with his date of birth and maybe some or other meaningful and sentimental phrase. A bit like this.

I had a canvas – perfect. Although I had used it already when I tried my hand at acrylic on canvas a few years ago. Not great. But I still had the canvas because I’m a hoarder. Plan: paint over the picture and I will once again have a blank… well, canvas. Bought a couple of tester pots of paint cheap-cheap from the local DIY store. Done! Easy peasy.

Then Little Man arrived. He didn’t like being undressed and I didn’t like the idea of getting paint all over his clothes. He also didn’t like having his hands or feet held down and forced into a ‘natural’ position. Oh dear. Sweet idea, but impossible in reality. I think I managed to get one smudged 9 week old footprint. That’s not really going to make for great artwork on his wall! (I have saved it for the scrapbook, though.)

However this didn’t solve what to do with the pesky canvas that was still around, taking up valuable storage space (babies need a lot of stuff!). Plus I’d already painted it. Can’t waste it!

Then I saw this idea that I though I could adapt in some way to create this canvas at long last:

(I apologise for the lack of linkage – I like to give credit where it is due – but unfortunately the creator of this lovely piece seems to have disappeared off Etsy.)


Basically, what I will be doing, is stealing this wonderful idea, adapting it to work on a canvas, totally ruining it, and then putting it proudly up on the wall. Sigh. I hope I don’t totally ruin it!

I intend to do as much repurposing as possible, and using things I already have rather than going out and buying any expensive materials, equipment and so on… Repainting that old canvas was a good start, I reckon 🙂


PS – Look, bunting! [See yesterday’s post if you’re confused]



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