Blog-induced insomnia

I have mentioned this before, but part of the reason I started this blog was because I had time on my hands. Not do-useful-things-around-the-the-house kind of things, but I’m-stuck-on-the-sofa-with-sleeping-baby kind of time. Where I was rooted to the spot involuntarily, with just a movable hand and a mobile phone. And I was also trying to keep myself awake at night while feeding Little Man.

But things have improved so much in the sleep department that I actually don’t have that time anymore. Now, I am supposed to use my time for washing dishes, folding millions of baby vests and thinking about what to cook for supper. And somewhere in there I am supposed to sleep too.But instead, when it comes time to sleep, my brain wants to blog. And I have to. If I don’t get the thoughts typed up, they will be gone forever. One of two things happens:
1. They disappear forever as though I had never thought them.
2. They rattle around in my head, changing and distorting so that when I have the time to write them down, they look, sound and feel weird. Forced and artificial.

Either one of those = no blog post, since I want these posts to be genuine. No point forcing out a few lines of writing just for the sake of having a post for the day.
So… when the thought hits, I have to write. I have blog-induced insomnia. I love it 🙂


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