My favouritest book in the whole wide world.

A Town Like Alice

Before I left South Africa on my UK adventure, I told my mom that the one thing I would really like to take with me to London from home was my own copy of the book, as the copy that I have read over and over since I-can’t-even-remember-when belongs to her (and I think it was originally my grandmother’s). She found one for me! Much gratitude.


Whenever I go into a second hand bookshop (or see books at a market or car boot sale), I cannot help but look for this book. And although I don’t find it often, I know that if I see it, I will buy it.

The book in this photo I found at Tavistock Market. I think perhaps I’m hoping to find older and older prints of the book. It was first published in 1950, and this one is from 1971. There’s something wonderful about a very old book.

And maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll stumble upon a First Edition.





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2 responses to “Alice

  1. Louw Neethling

    Thank you for giving me that copy of yours to read last year when I came to visit! I will also be looking out for your original copy.

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