Some Favourite Words

I love words. I love books. I love reading.

(Now I just sound like the guys from Ron Burgundy – remember when Brick says ‘I love lamp’?!)

Here are a few of my favourite words at the moment.




nook and cranny

facetious (look – the vowels are all in order!)

bokeh (yes, I know it looks like a made-up word. I thought it was. It’s not. Look it up.)


I’d love to hear what your favourites are.

But no rudies!


Edit: Generally, I like words for what they sound like, rather than their meaning.

Some favourites from a Facebook comment: (Thank you, T!)


Roll them around your mouth a bit. Don’t they sound great?!



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2 responses to “Some Favourite Words

  1. Leana Neethling

    How about: resilience
    and intentionality
    Yes, they come from one of my Graham Cooke sources, but oh, they are so stuck in my mind and as I ponder on them, I learn from them everyday. Just listen how my favourite author defines resilience: …. resilience is about much more than recovery. It is concerned with developing an unbeatable lifestyle. It is about reswolve. It is the discipline to agree with, God, abide in Him, and simply to overcome because we don’t run away … and so he goes on and on. Yes, I love learning to be resilient!

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