Challenge OVER!

Wow. Last week’s challenge to limit my ‘line-age’ had a pretty severe effect on me… it’s quite scary. I found myself looking at lots of other blogs when I usually would be writing mine, and I’ve landed up with a scary case of blogger depression. Something like withdrawal symptoms combined with wondering why on earth I’m doing this, along with a complete and utter inspiration failure. And then add some serious blogger envy to the mix, too. Those ‘real’ bloggers out there have such talent. They seem so perfect. They make pretty things, and their photos are gorgeous (and in the background of their photos, their homes are spotless and immaculate and so stylishly done up). I’m a loser! I am never going to have such abilities!  My crafty aspirations aren’t happening (I just don’t have the time!), my limited imagination and vision mean all I can do is copy others’ ideas. My house is a mess! Did I mention I’m a loser?


But then, as if destiny herself were guiding my mouse clicks, I came across this little lifesaver.

Sigh. I’m ok. I’m normal. This is me. And part of my journey as a blogger – nay, mother/wife/woman/human being – is that I will have good days and bad days. So far this blog has been fun and easy and just the right amount of stretching. And then I hit a bad patch. I thought the challenge of reducing my words for four days would be good for me. Huh, I was wrong.

But that’s life. Sometimes we make bad choices. And then we learn from them.

So what have I learnt?

I have rediscovered that, sure, I want to be challenged and inspired to try new things. I want to evolve and grow and improve. But I am still me:

This is my web log, my journey, my words, my days.





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5 responses to “Challenge OVER!

  1. emile07

    You missed one thing… You’re Awesome too 😉

  2. Leana Neethling

    I’m so glad you let go of the limited word thing. Now you can be yourself again and enjoy the wonderful talent you have received to inspire others like myself with your wonderful way of using words. Enjoy!

  3. M

    When I saw your challenge I said Oh No. Sooooooo glad it’s over. I love your words, please don’t limit yourself again. Love you just the way you are.

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