I have avoided writing about Japan.

I can’t even comprehend what’s going on over there.

My brain can’t compute. I don’t think my empathy extends that far.

And I guess that I’ve been avoiding it because if I write posts about every disaster that I see on the news, this blog will just be a constant news stream. How do I decide which disasters to write about and which to ignore? (Yes, I have been ignoring it. Not just ‘avoiding’ it. It’s just too difficult.)

This seems to be one of my ‘things’ at the moment: I’m suddenly very aware of the stuff going on in the world. And I mean the bad stuff.  I’m slowly emerging from my baby-induced bubble and it’s like I’m seeing all the horrible things for the first time. My filters are out of practise. Let’s face it, we all have filters. There is no way we could get  through each day if we couldn’t filter out certain things and just get on with looking after ourselves and our families. But have we become so good at blocking out the awful things that we forget about them completely? Had I become so complacent about poverty, disease and disaster that I’d stopped caring, and now suddenly I feel bombarded by it? My ‘comfort zone’ (for lack of a better description) has been jiggled around a bit, and it’s not pleasant.

I wish I could go out there and solve all the world’s problems. But I feel utterly helpless, and I even feel as though it’s pointless to try to help – I mean, what is my little donation to charity actually going to do? The problems are so big.


Sigh. Saying ‘it’s not fair’ is useless. But I can’t stop thinking it.



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