A Little Positivity

After the rather depro posts of Monday and Tuesday, it’s nice to write something a little more positive 🙂

These are the lovely things that I’m grateful for this week…

* Unexpected visitors: Friends who knew Little Man had to stay home (contagious, long-ish story) so they visited us to make sure we weren’t too lonely 🙂 And they brought daffodils. How kind!

*Helpful strangers: A sympathetic and helpful email in reply to a query I had about a product from this online shop. I am looking into the possibility of using bee propolis as a natural antibiotic for when Little Man’s dribble rash gets infected from all his scratching (grrrr).

*Lovely sunshine: Another beautiful spring day, perfect for playing outdoors and for Little Man to learn about leaves and twigs!

*Fun stuff: I’m loving how LM can do more interactive things these days. Yesterday we made hand and footprints in clay. They didn’t turn out marvellously (it was hard to press his hand/foot into the clay hard enough to make a deep print, plus hard to keep him still for very long) but it was fun to try anyway! And a big thank you to a friend from our Monday group for giving us the clay and the idea 🙂

So much to be grateful for, and that was only Monday and Tuesday. Looking forward to the rest of the week.

Good times 🙂


PS Little Man is fine – spots all dried out so I reckon we’re good to go…



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3 responses to “A Little Positivity

  1. Holly

    Love the clay idea!!!

  2. Leana Neethling

    Your post remind me of an idea I read about a while ago. If you want to give a friend something nice and personal as a gift, buy a journal kind of book, wrap it nicely with fabric of gift paper of whatever, and then write on the cover: Anne’s book of gratitude (Anne se dankbaarheidsboek) . Then write a little explanatory note: Anne is supposed to write down 5 things she is thankful for every day. This way we get in the habit of praising God regardless! Wrap it and give it to Anne, or whoever.

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