Just the other day, this arrived in the post and got me thinking…


Recently, a friend came to stay for the weekend… and she brought presents!

A cute little outfit for Little Man:

But – more importantly for the purposes of this post – she gave me this:

In the past, this friend has also given me Cath Kidston tissues, writing paper, a make-up purse, nail files, and bibs (for Little Man when he was Bump rather than Little Man)…

Hmmm, there is a definite CK pattern here. And it continues:

  • When CK did a range of shopping bags for Tesco, I specifically did smaller shops so that I had to shop more often and therefore wouldn’t miss any new bags (they staggered the release of four or five different designs). Needless to say, I don’t actually use the bags for the groceries – they’re far too pretty for that!
  • For Christmas, LOML gave me a Cath Kidston purse.
  • Since I can’t actually afford CK soft furnishings, I made some cute windmills out of the aforementioned writing paper to bring a touch of summer to the living room…


Clearly, I’m a Kidston-o-phile…

Thanks, Cath, for making vintage and feminine so cool!






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4 responses to “Kidston-o-phile

  1. Leana Neethling

    Ag, jy is net te oulik! Kyk my handsakkies by my fotos op FB

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