Embroidery Hoop Art

I wanted to be all clever and do something April Fools-y for April First… but I just don’t have the brain space. It is the end of the week, after all. I do enjoy a good ol’ practical joke, but I think I’ll leave that kind of thing to the comedians and comediennes amongst us.

Here’s what’s in my head today.

A little while ago, I mentioned a hoop design that had inspired me to make my own little something for the baby’s room. Instead of a hoop I just used a canvas I already had, in the spirit of finding a new purpose for old things rather than throwing them away and buying new stuff.

I was unable to credit the idea at the time, but the creator of the lovely hoop I showed you has reappeared on Etsy, so here goes… Take a look at a few of Abigail’s pretty pieces


I am also drooling over this as a wedding or anniversary gift:


Which reminded me of these (which I love possibly even more):

From Sweet Dimple



From sarah & bendrix


I am positively itching to get going on my own frame like this… I think I’ll use our wedding anniversary as an excuse to make something as a ‘practise’ before actually trying to make one as a gift.

Oooh, I’m excited! I’ll let you know how it goes.

First on on the Plan Of Action list – find a box frame/shadow frame that’s not too expensive. Google, here I come!


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