Add to my To Do list:

Oh dear, my ‘I Really Want To Make This’ list is getting longer and longer…

Ever since I was a little girl and discovered chalk board paint, I have wanted to use it. And now (or has it always been like this?) you can also get magnetic chalk board paint. Double the fun! Perhaps I use ‘fun’ rather loosely. But double the practical uses, definitely!

I have long admired organisational accessories (what a geek) like this:

Love Of My Life was over in France a few weeks back and saw this in a shop: something similar to these photos in a shop….  He almost bought it on the spot, but then figured that since I’m on a DIY/repurposing journey, I would probably very much like to have a go at making something like this myself. He knows me well 🙂  He was also thoughtful enough to take a photo, which he has since accidentally and unfortunately deleted. Grrrr.

[Also, he had very quickly realised that getting it home was going to be a logistical nightmare. It’s a pretty big board.]

Hurray – so now I not only have ideas and inspiration for another project, I have LOML’s approval too!

But I have one big problem with chalk board organisers: I cannot cope with chalk dust. I sneeze and itch and just about go crazy when chalk is around. [What was I thinking becoming a teacher, huh? Thankfully, these days very few classrooms actually still have chalk boards. It’s all white boards and interactive boards (which are way cool, I must add).]

Enter the chalk marker. Drum roll, please.

Ta da! Problemo solved!


So now, a chalk board organiser is definitely on the cards.

I wish I could do something like this, but it would require some hanging and make unnecessary holes in our walls. Not good in a rented home!

Repurposed window chalkboard

Hmm, now… what do I have lying around that I can paint with chalk board paint  and pretend that I actually paid for it?


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