Haha! Oh joy! What ho!

I have found somewhere to organise my I Really Want This List Wish List without having to bookmark or copy and paste a gazillion websites 🙂

I guess it’s kind of like the social network of collected images. You ‘pin’ internet images onto your boards, and other people can follow you, see your boards, and ‘repin’ the pictures (ideas, inspiration, etc.) onto their own boards.  When you pin the picture to your board, the owner of that image automatically is credited – the link appears below the picture, and anyone can quickly and easily see (and go to) the website that the picture comes from.

Hmm, I hope that makes sense….

Sorry, I couldn’t get the picture of my boards any bigger in the post – if you want to see it more clearly, click on the picture itself and you’ll be taken directly to my Pinterest page.

Anyway, this is Pinterest.

This is where you can get an invitation to join (yes, you need to be invited!)


People use it to catalogue all sorts – fashion, science and technology, wedding ideas, books… anything really! For me, it’s my Wish List, my crafty/DIY/repurposing To Do list, and my These Things Are Just Generally Gorgeous list.




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2 responses to “(p)interesting

  1. now i must just start pinning!

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