Foodie blog!!

Yesterday morning I stumbled upon a very cool food journey blog

It’s amazing what one might find when searching for a cheese straws recipe! The aforementioned blogger had left a comment on the bbc recipe, and since I had some time on my hands (what?????) I sauntered on over to pay a visit to her blog. I liked what I saw! And since I had all this time on my hands (how????) I also left her loads of comments. She probably thinks I’m a stalker. Oops.

So how is it that I had all this time on my hands, you ask?

This miraculous occurrence was brought about by a really really really rubbish night. After numerous NUMEROUS (yes, I’m shouting in my head) wake-ups in the night, I finally got Little Man to settle by lying with him in the spare bed at about 4:30am. He then proceeded to sleep for more than four hours without even stirring – twice as long as he had managed to go for at any stretch during the night! Usually, I would’ve slept right along with him for all of those four hours but of course, as life always seems to go, I had to be up early to wait for a technician who might arrive at any time between 7am and 1pm. 7am and 1pm! That’s a lot of waiting.

Ah ha! That would be why I had all that time on my hands.

So, I had blurry eyes and a fuzzy head (and still haven’t quite recovered) but I did find a great new blog 🙂

Every cloud has a silver food encrusted  lining, huh?

PS I made uber easy cheese straws using puff pastry. And cocktail sausage pigs in blankets. And red velvet cupcakes. {I wish I knew what blogger code is to show that I’m singing the cupcakes bit in an operatic voice. Bold & italics together maybe?  Red Velvet Cupcakes! Did the capital letters help at all with the operatic theme? How about *Red Velvet Cupcakes* ? Yes, I think the asterisks do it. } More on this food fantasia to follow….



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2 responses to “Foodie blog!!

  1. Oh jum. Those cupcakes look awesome.

    I’m finally going to be doing the brownies this weekend, as dessert to the Potjiekos I’m doing. Fingers crossed I don’t mess it up 🙂

  2. The cupcakes are a w e s o m e ! Glad I discovered them.
    Good luck with the brownies (let me know how they turn out – it’s nigh on impossible to mess them up), *envy envy envy* about the potjie 🙂

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