Foodie blog!!

Yesterday morning I stumbled upon a very cool food journey blog

It’s amazing what one might find when searching for a cheese straws recipe! The aforementioned blogger had left a comment on the bbc recipe, and since I had some time on my hands (what?????) I sauntered on over to pay a visit to her blog. I liked what I saw! And since I had all this time on my hands (how????) I also left her loads of comments. She probably thinks I’m a stalker. Oops.

So how is it that I had all this time on my hands, you ask?

This miraculous occurrence was brought about by a really really really rubbish night. After numerous NUMEROUS (yes, I’m shouting in my head) wake-ups in the night, I finally got Little Man to settle by lying with him in the spare bed at about 4:30am. He then proceeded to sleep for more than four hours without even stirring – twice as long as he had managed to go for at any stretch during the night! Usually, I would’ve slept right along with him for all of those four hours but of course, as life always seems to go, I had to be up early to wait for a technician who might arrive at any time between 7am and 1pm. 7am and 1pm! That’s a lot of waiting.

Ah ha! That would be why I had all that time on my hands.

So, I had blurry eyes and a fuzzy head (and still haven’t quite recovered) but I did find a great new blog 🙂

Every cloud has a silver food encrusted  lining, huh?

PS I made uber easy cheese straws using puff pastry. And cocktail sausage pigs in blankets. And red velvet cupcakes. {I wish I knew what blogger code is to show that I’m singing the cupcakes bit in an operatic voice. Bold & italics together maybe?  Red Velvet Cupcakes! Did the capital letters help at all with the operatic theme? How about *Red Velvet Cupcakes* ? Yes, I think the asterisks do it. } More on this food fantasia to follow….



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2 responses to “Foodie blog!!

  1. emile07

    Oh jum. Those cupcakes look awesome.

    I’m finally going to be doing the brownies this weekend, as dessert to the Potjiekos I’m doing. Fingers crossed I don’t mess it up 🙂

  2. The cupcakes are a w e s o m e ! Glad I discovered them.
    Good luck with the brownies (let me know how they turn out – it’s nigh on impossible to mess them up), *envy envy envy* about the potjie 🙂

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