A Sunny Scene

Embracing The Camera… It’s a Thursday thing.

I’ve realised that if my Thursday posts are going to actually be about Thursday, they’ll all be the same. We go to our church’s toddler group on a Thursday, so our ETC photos all land up being the we’ve been out this morning so I’m exhausted this afternoon kind of photo.

So, I’m going to be flexible with the day of the photo, and use any photo from the week so far. I guess as long as I’m getting at least one photo a week with me in it, that’s fine – that is the point of ETC after all.

So here goes…

Monday was  such a nice-weather day, made even nicer by a last minute lunch and play with some friends and their toddlers 🙂

After a salad and pizza lunch, we headed off to the park.


Sunshine and a Baby Sling 🙂


I think I’ll post the pizza base recipe next week – it’s a quick and easy cheat.


So, have you got a photo of you this week??

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One response to “A Sunny Scene

  1. Leana Neethling

    How sweet!!! ohsweetwhatever!

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