The Cutest Boy In The World

I’m a tad biased, I know, but this is Little Man – the cutest boy in the whole entire world, ever.

He’s in the process of learning to crawl so he pulls himself up, rolls himself around, waves his bottom and limbs in all directions and generally looks hilarious. And of course, he inevitably hurts himself. Nothing a little cuddle and some distraction techniques can’t fix 🙂

So yes, I took pictures of him crying… maybe that makes me an awful mother, but it’s part of cataloguing his development, and well – he’s just so darn cute that I can’t help it!

That scrunched up face, the thumb in the mouth, the cheeky grin.

*heart melting*


He’s having a pretty miserable week – a cold and his first cough, added to the fact that he was already struggling to sleep with his body and brain going crazy trying to learn how to crawl. Yet, he still manages the biggest grins and the cutest giggles. Aaaaaw.

PS: Kudos to God – he was pretty darn clever to invent babies so cute…  it makes up for the insanity and impatience that sleep deprivation brings!

PS again: Apparently sleep issues around 8 months is quite common. I’ve been reading up about Wonder Weeks here and here. What do you think? Any experience with it, mums out there? Any advice????????




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4 responses to “The Cutest Boy In The World

  1. Ag Sheila, you can just eat him up! He is SSSOOOOO cute!!! I am amazed at how much he looks like Daniel – must be those Mc Iver genes. Poor Wihan and me we obviously missed out in the gene pool when ‘our boys’ were created!
    Give him a big kiss from his Aunty!!!

    • lol, he does look a lot like Daniel. I’m always astounded by the strength of the McIver gene! Although there are moments when he looks SO much like his dad too. A pretty good mix, we think. Hugs all around xx

  2. Awwwww…he is adorable 🙂

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