Visitors All The Way From SA

Today we’re having visitors from South Africa – my aunty’s coming to visit, yippeeeee 🙂

{By us I mean all three of us – it’s school holidays so LOML is around for two whole weeks. Double yippeeeeeee 🙂 }

And we’ve had a pretty rough week or so with not very much sleep and lots of sneezing and coughing 😦 which equals not much has been done in the way of housework.

So I had better go and blow off the layer of dust on my teapot (exaggeration, I hope) and do a bit of tidying (underaggeration. [Is there an antonym for exaggerate?] There’s lots of tidying to do!) before the honoured guests arrive. Which means, no ramblings this morning.

Just the big announcement that Little Man has crawled! Hip hip hurray!

We think.

I mean, he crawled a few stumbly wobbly hands-and-knees crawls. Enough to take a few hurried mobile phone video clips. Does that make it official or can you only say ‘my baby’s crawling’ when they get good at it and do it all the time? He’s a pretty good bottom shuffler/weird leg-out-to-the-side-bunny-hopping mover, but actual real confident crawling – not so much yet.

This is all new to us, so we don’t know the Parent Etiquette. Fill us in, anyone?


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