Cheat’s Pizza Base

Ok, I mentioned last week that I had made a last minute pizza lunch. You probably all have your own quick and easy pizza base recipes anyway, but I thought this deserved a mention from me to make up for the fact that I have snubbed it for years in favour of  ‘real’ pizza base. Y’know – yeast, time consuming, kneading. And then, just like that! I need to save time and suddenly I turn to the quick and easy again. I’m so fickle.

So this is my way of apologising to you, O Wonderful and Easy Pizza Base Recipe.

2 rounded cups self-raising flour (or cake/plain flour + a heaped teaspoon baking powder)

pinch salt


75ml oil

175ml milk

Mix together, press into a baking tray or pizza tray.  Spread tomato and toppings, bake at 180C/350F.

*** I usually pre-bake the base for a few minutes (5-ish) before adding the tomato and toppings. I prick it with a fork a few times, then pop it in the oven while I tidy up and get the toppings ready. I started doing this after having slightly undercooked base a few times… but I think it’s because I overload with toppings!!

This pizza recipe makes me think back to all the camping trips we used to go on when I was a child. My parents learned very early on that having food to eat in the car (padkos) goes a long way to pass the time when travelling. And that also meant less time for squabbles to break out between siblings in the back seat… This pizza was quick to make inbetween packing all the camping stuff, and easy to store in the car, and relatively un-messy to eat with our fingers. Yay 🙂



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