A kewel home blog

(That’s ‘cool’ by the way – a cool home blog)

I just had to share this blog with you… I love checking up on this family every now and then and seeing what they’re up to. Their posts are well written, photos are lovely and they have a home that they are making beautiful on a sensible budget. They seem like the kind of people I’d want to be friends with.

I guess that’s the trick – to write a blog in such a way that readers become involved and want to keep on reading, keep coming back for more because what you have to say is interesting, funny, helpful and relevant.

That’s why they are professional bloggers (yip, blogging is their job) and I’m just a nothing-particularly-exciting-to-say-but-I’ll-sneak-in-a-post-while-baby-sleeps kind of blogger. Suits me 🙂

But enough about me – go and have a look at their blog. Unleash the stalker in you and snoop around their home!!


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