Friends And Benefits

No, not friends with benefits! Tsk, tsk.

I was just thinking about the lovely weekend we’ve had, catching up with old friends and getting the chance to properly chat with friends we’ve only had time for quick hello‘s with recently. There’s something satisfying about spending time with people one feels comfortable with. You know, those people who – even if you don’t see each other often – you can just be with. And it feels like you’re just picking up where you left off, and the time that has passed since you last hung out doesn’t matter.

With the arrival of Little Man, our social activities drastically reduced, but we feel like we have the time and energy again to be sociable. That may seem a bit extreme to some people – it has been 8 months, after all – but for us, this is what we’ve needed… LM was not the easiest newborn, and we were pretty frazzled! I guess he wanted to make sure he had our undivided attention 🙂 And this sunny weather we’ve been having is the perfect excuse to hang out in a relaxed (and child-friendly!) way.

So, long may the ‘gather, barbecue and chatter‘ weather continue… summer’s coming. Get out the braai tongs, Pimm’s and sunscreen!

And, as an aside, I need to remember to take photos of these moments. Not just to make my blog posts a little more interesting, but to record these fabulous friendships. And have evidence that the sun does shine in England, lol.


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