Embracing The Camera In A Sunny Way

Tuesday 19th April 2011

On Tuesday we popped in at friends… I was not at all prepared for swimming! Though I had remembered sunscreen, hat, warmer clothes in case it was cooler when we walked home, a camera, sunscreen for me, water bottles for both us – you get the picture, right? I did manage to remember a lot. Just hadn’t thought about swimming stuff.

Fortunately LM’s friend had a swimming nappy and swim shorts for us to use.  How cute are those trunks?

And we had such fun splashing about.

Another first for Little Man 🙂

Anybody else embracing the camera this week?



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4 responses to “Embracing The Camera In A Sunny Way

  1. I can’t wait for outdoor splashing! What fun!

    • Gotta love the sunny weather 🙂 Are you getting some over on your side of the planet? Or do you have good weather all the time. Look, I’m clearly weather-obsessed. Sigh, I’m becoming more English every year…

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