Recipe Book

Last week I posted a hot cross bun recipe and mentioned my recipe book –  I  knew I wanted to put a picture of the HCB’s in the post (I always like to see food pictures, and I love what the buns look like, all pressed together in a round tin) but because I hadn’t actually had the time to make the hot cross buns myself this Easter, I took a photo of the picture in my recipe book. It felt pretty strange, to be honest!

Anyway, it got me thinking about what to do about my very nearly full recipe book.

I have not organised the recipes in any way – I just glue them in if I’ve cut them out of magazines, or write them down, wherever there’s a space. This has worked fine for me so far – I can usually remember if it’s  a newer (look near the front of the book) or older (look near the back of the book) addition, or maybe I can picture the other recipes that are on the same page, and so on. But I know there is just no way I could keep track of two books in this way.

So I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas for simple ways to organise recipes. Bearing in mind that some are cut outs, some are hand copied, some are very long with step-by-step details pictures, some are just tiny scraps of paper.

I expect I’ll do some trawling on Pinterest and etsy and other blogs, too, but any ideas would help me a lot!

A sneak peek at my book at the mo:

The photo I took for last week’s hot cross bun recipe, before editing it.

And this is what my well-worn and food-splashed recipe book looks like on the outside. Fancy, huh?


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