How lovely

Aaaaawwww, how lovely was the royal wedding??

And how utterly gorgeous was Kate’s dress? I mean, the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress. Do you think we can still refer to her as Kate (as though we know her on first name terms, lol)? She looked so graceful and elegant and poised. Well done to her!

I keep thinking back to little moments, like William leaning over as Kate and her father arrived at the altar, and whispered something like, ‘ I though this was supposed to be a small family affair’. And when they drove out of Buckingham Palace in a decorated car – like ‘normal’ newlyweds (except that most newly married couples aren’t driving out of a palace in an Aston Martin with throngs of crowds and cameras, but as normal as a royal couple could possibly attempt to be).

But do you know what was not cool?? The camera work in the Abbey – we missed Kate’s veil being lifted away from her face! One moment she was still covered, then pan out to watch some stuffy VIP’s singing, and then – oh look – we can see Kate’s face. Ummm, that’s a pretty important moment! I want to know how and who and when. Did her father take it off? Can anyone fill me in on what’s traditional at a royal wedding when it comes to veils?

And then Sky tv coverage also managed to miss the second balcony kiss during the flypast. NOOOOOOOO! Sure, it was nice to see a bird’s eye view of Buckingham Palace  from the camera in the plane, but not when it meant we didn’t see the kiss. And it was the better kiss, upon watching highlights (and then re-watching it on endless endless reruns!)

You just gotta love the little flowergirl covering her ears during the noisy flypast 🙂

Did any of you see the riderless horse running after the open carriage carrying Wills and Kate to Buckingham Palace after the ceremony?? Brilliant! Apparently the rider fell off (the horses were walking for goodness sake!) and got a good telling off for it!

Ah, it’s all these little funny moments that really make a memorable wedding…. any of you have funny wedding moments of your own that made your day special?


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