Little Man’s Big Antics

While typing up yesterday’s post {later than usual, after breathing a sigh of relief that Little Man had finally fallen asleep} I noticed some little sounds coming from the nursery. I dismissed them, thinking it was the little guy making his usual light sleep phase/rolling over/resettling himself noises… But then the cute sleepy noises became squawky chatterings and I could ignore them no longer.

This is what I found when I went in:

  • One very chuffed looking baby
  • One completely unrolled toilet roll in the process of being confetti-fied (he manages to shred the paper pretty finely!)
  • One cast aside sleeping bag (how did he get out of that??)
  • Two cuddly toys

Oh boy.

When he doesn’t want to sleep, he finds plenty to distract himself. And how do you make a baby sleep when he can just pull himself up to standing and play?

Also, as you may notice, taking blur-free photos is becoming trickier because he’s never never never still.

And lastly, check out the double chin!




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