Embrace The Camera… 9 months later

Okay, so today’s Embrace The Camera is not actually from this week… I was inspired by this blog post and this blog post to look back through my bump photos.

So (roughly) a year ago this was the situation:

28 April 2010 26 weeks

This was taken after work so I’m surprised I hadn’t collapsed with exhaustion already! Even without pregnancy tiredness, I was always tired. Pooped. Knackered. Worn out. That’s just what teaching does to me!

And then a year later, this is my life:

28 April 2011, almost 9 months old

For the purposes of this post, I love that this picture was taken at my school (and the previous photo from when I was still at work – get my drift?). I visited school for the royal wedding celebrations… see this post from last week. And it’s just great that the photo dates are exactly one year apart – total happy coincidence.

Life has changed incredibly. Awesomely.

I had this realisation on Tuesday night (how random, why then??) that I had always thought when people said their lives had changed by having children, that they meant the practical, day-to-day stuff. Because that’s the only thing that I could comprehend pre-baby. And of course those things do all change! But actually it’s so much more than that.  I have changed. I’m a different person. My life has changed in ways I don’t even understand.

But as you can see in that second photo, I’m loving it 🙂


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One response to “Embrace The Camera… 9 months later

  1. Leana Neethling

    We fully agree. you are just GREAT !!

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