Longer out than in

Over the weekend, Little Man reached the nine month mark. Wow. That inevitably got me reflecting on 9 months of pregnancy and so on, but of course saying that a person is pregnant for 9 months is such a pre-pregnancy way of thinking about it. Once pregnant, you read up and hear all the medically stuff and discover/re-realise that human gestation is actually calculated to be 40 weeks. And from then on, life revolved arouns weeks: Scans, appointments, development, how far along you are, how many still to go. It’s all about the weeks. And then the little peanut arrives and you count the weeks that they’ve been ‘out’ for… crying with relief that you’ve survived another week with this newborn delighting in every day that this bundle of joy has been in your life.

Anyway, at 5 months I decided this week counting malarky was ridiculous and I just used months. But LM hitting the 9 month mark did make me curious – pregnancy is supposedly 9 months and now he’s 9 months old. So has he been ‘out’ longer than ‘in’?

Enter Google. Baby age calculator in weeks. Ta da! Thanks to the Age Calculator, I know that today, Friday 6 May 2011, Little Man is 39 weeks and 6 days old. And that means that as of tomorrow, he has been longer out than in.


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