*blush blush blush*

On Friday I posted about gorgeous French handwriting. I used an image that I found from Flickr by doing a Google search. The handwriting was gorgeous.

And I made a very amateur blogger (which I am!) mistake… I didn’t translate the writing before posting the picture.

I thought about it. But didn’t do it because I was in a baby-related hurry.

LOML is a French teacher. And he kind of freaked out (in a patient, my-wife-is-loony kind of way) when he saw my post.

They were not very nice words. Not very nice at all.

I’m so embarrassed.

It’s actually pretty funny, as long as nobody was offended, but I think I’m still smarting from the humiliation of doing something so stoooopid.

But I have certainly learnt my lesson.

And yesterday was a lovely bank holiday so I took a blogging break, licked my wounds and did some Pinterest therapy to make myself feel better.

So here are some real pretty things to soothe my bruised pride and hopefully smooth any feathers I may have ruffled {if any French literate readers noticed the rudies. Or indeed if anyone read my post at all! Never before have I so heartily wished that nobody read a post!}

Red Velvet Cupcakes » Annie's Eats

Green felt stamped muslin clip - Ciao

And with that, I bid you adieu. Au revoir?

Or should I say ciao?



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2 responses to “Therapy

  1. Andrew

    Woot, that’s priceless. Well done Sister.

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