A Little About Me

The Boring Basics:

Sheila, primary teacher on maternity leave, married to the Love Of My Life (cheesy, I know), mother to Little Man (born Summer 2010)

The More Interesting Stuff:

I love words. I’m a word-geek. I love how words sound, feel and look. Mostly, how they look. I like playing with words – a pun is a wonderful thing. And I’m fascinated by the origins of our everyday words and expressions.

I also love chocolate (possibly more than I love words) and anything made with chocolate. Baking with it and looking at it and imagining what I could make with it and eating it. Actually, eating anything falls under ‘favourite pastimes’.

In this regard, I am fortunately a mum who burns up plenty of calories feeding and playing with her Little Man. His recent arrival turned two into three, turned our lives upside-down, and turned us into a family. Also turned us into zombies but we’re slowly getting used to it!

I would love to be one of those mothers who makes all sorts of things for her family, and never needs to buy clothes, toys, soft furnishings, gifts or greeting cards off the High Street. But, alas, I am not. But I shall keep trying and my attempts will undoubtedly appear as posts. Sorry.


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