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Signs of the times

Last week was half term and the weather was amazing!

We tried to get out and about as much as possible. ¬†These are a few things that made us me giggle…



Happy Monday ūüôā

7 weeks till the summer holidays…


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Funny Words

In my search for gorgeous posters and prints, I’ve come across some pretty funny stuff.

I just had to share ’em:

Via Sherry @ Young House Love's Pinterest

Notebook Doodles

Via Kelly Thornburg's Pinterest

And these are probably my most favouritest. Hi-la-ri-ous!

Via Kelly Thornburg's Pinterest

Sign on Door

Via Kelly Thornburg’s Pinterest

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Word Art

I have a new obsession. I think it started here, with this:

A Gallery of Frames - Young House Love

Perhaps living in rented accommodation for the whole of my adult life is taking its toll – I can’t stop planning¬†what I can put up on my own¬†walls in my own ¬†house¬†one day! With no limit to the number of holes I can drill or nails I can bash into the walls. Without worrying about having to fill the holes and finding paint colour to cover the holes that matches the walls when we leave.

In my online perusals I seem to come across loads of gorgeous prints that I would love to buy or make my own version of to one day have in my  home.

Thank goodness for Pinterest. If you look on my Pinterest, you’ll come across these (and more).

Here a few of my faves at the moment…

I want this in my kitchen. Except with ‘jam’ not jelly.

Via Kelly Thornburg’s Pinterest

Check out these awesome posters.

I love a bit of tongue-in-cheek. No, I don’t mean that in any kind of dodgy way.

Via Kelly Thornburg's Pinterest

Via Sherry @ Young House Love's Pinterest

I would absolutely and definitely want something like these on my wall gallery ūüôā

Notebook Doodles

Via Kelly Thornburg's Pinterest

And this is just great…

Again, thanks Kelly Thornburg on Pinterest!

And I would love love love love to have a print of this photo in my living room. Maybe without the legs down there in the bottom right corner, lol. Here’s hoping Meg¬†[crops and] sells it!

That colour is stupendous.

Three gorgeous robin’s egg.

In a nest balanced on a ledge just a few inches wide.

Even if it wasn’t so pretty it could be so deep and symbolic!

And here a couple of pictures that I haven’t had to trawl the net to find. They would absolutely be in my wall gallery ūüôā Aaaawwww.

And I’m pretty sure everything else in my wall gallery would be baby pictures. Typical new parent {roll eyes}.

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My Reading List Progress…

So, I have a Reading List. Books that have been recommended to me. Mostly in response to a Facebook status a few months back when I realised that I hadn’t read a good book in a long long time. Other than baby sleep books!

So this is my original list and my progress:

  • Birdsong – Sebastian Faulks —> read!¬†
  • The Secret History – Donna Tartt
  • House Rules – Jodie Picoult¬†¬†—> reading at the moment¬†
  • The Last Song – Nicholas Sparks
  • Minding¬†Frankie¬†– Maeve Binchy
  • The Island –¬†Victoria¬†Hislop¬†¬†—> read!¬†
  • Room –¬†Emma¬†Donoghue¬†¬†—> read!¬†
  • Cutting For Stone –¬†Abraham¬†Verghese
  • Perfume – Patrick S√ľskind
  • The Little House –¬†Virginia¬†Lee Burton
  • Tender Morsels –¬†Margo¬†Lanagan
  • Ella Minnow Pea – Mark¬†Dunn (I wanted to start with this one because I just love the title!)
  • Skippy Dies –¬†Paul¬†Murray
  • Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro
  • A Confederacy of Dunces – John¬†Kennedy¬†Toole
Hmm, I felt I was doing well until I did this list… now my three – almost four – books look rather silly.
Mini- reviews, super quickly and super subjective, in the order that I read the books:
The Island – ¬†loved it ūüôā
I felt like I knew the characters and wanted to keep on reading about their lives – I was quite disappointed when I got to the end of the story. I think I slowed my reading down as I realised I was nearing the end in order to make it last longer! That’s pretty telling. Interesting and believable storyline without being too cliche or predictable. Lovely setting.
Room Рoh wow.
Seriously made me look at everyday life in a new light. But in a good way! I kept interrupting LOML to tell him what the characters were doing and how things were going for them. Just the right balance of tears (mostly happy) and laughter. Very very unusual, and I loved the first person perspective. I would definitely recommend it.
Birdsong Рnot a great fan
I liked that the book is written from two different perspectives, and jumps between two periods in history, and the storyline is good, but it just didn’t quite grab me personally. The descriptions were really very detailed and I’ve discovered that I don’t like that much! The author did lots of research, and I enjoyed the historical aspect of it a lot more than I enjoyed the actual story.
House Rules – still reading, but enjoying it so far.
The story is told by more than one character, and each chapter gives you a perspective from one of the characters, so that they overlap each other and the story moves forward. Me likey. Again, the author must have done a lot of hard work to get the facts – the story is about a family dealing with Aspergers… a topic that interests me anyway. I’ll keep you posted.
What are you reading at the moment?

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My Reading List. Hmmm.

I am completely and utterly embarrassed to report that I have not even managed to finish one of the books on my reading list.

I am busy reading The Island by Victoria Hislop, but only because a friend loaned it to me so I don’t have to worry about getting a library fine… again.

Yes, ¬†I took out Birdsong but didn’t even start it! It took me three weeks to read Jonathan Ross’s autobiography… and to be honest, I didn’t actually manage to finish it. There were a few pages at the end that I just didn’t get to read because I had to get the books back on time.



I planned my week, knowing that I had to get to the library on the date the books were due back. And when I got to the library I realised that they had been due back the day before. Sigh.


So what are you guys reading these days?


PS Don’t forget to Embrace The Camera today!

My ETC moment, Thursday 31st March 2011


Embrace The Camera

Yip, I’m wearing my pj bottoms.

C’mon – everyone knows pj’s are more comfy for crawling around in than jeans!


I’ve started using the 10 second timer with the ‘burst’ function, so the camera takes three pictures in quick succession. That way I’m 3 times more likely to get a decent photo, and Little Man hears the clicking sounds and usually looks towards the camera by the third picture!


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As a contact lens wearer, I take a close look at my eyes at least twice a day. And all I see is a spiderweb of very unattractive red lines over what is called the ‘white’ of my eye. Yet Little Man’s eyes are so so white… It makes me consider how we live our lives – we stare at screens far too much, and don’t sleep enough. For a payslip. Bleh. Something’s not right here…

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Wise Words

Since I have a Keep It Short challenge this week, I’m using my words wisely while sharing these wise words:

It only takes one tree to make a thousand matches. It only takes one match to burn a thousand trees.

Thanks, Stereophonics.

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