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Little Man’s Big Antics

While typing up yesterday’s post {later than usual, after breathing a sigh of relief that Little Man had finally fallen asleep} I noticed some little sounds coming from the nursery. I dismissed them, thinking it was the little guy making his usual light sleep phase/rolling over/resettling himself noises… But then the cute sleepy noises became squawky chatterings and I could ignore them no longer.

This is what I found when I went in:

  • One very chuffed looking baby
  • One completely unrolled toilet roll in the process of being confetti-fied (he manages to shred the paper pretty finely!)
  • One cast aside sleeping bag (how did he get out of that??)
  • Two cuddly toys

Oh boy.

When he doesn’t want to sleep, he finds plenty to distract himself. And how do you make a baby sleep when he can just pull himself up to standing and play?

Also, as you may notice, taking blur-free photos is becoming trickier because he’s never never never still.

And lastly, check out the double chin!




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Visitors All The Way From SA

Today we’re having visitors from South Africa – my aunty’s coming to visit, yippeeeee 🙂

{By us I mean all three of us – it’s school holidays so LOML is around for two whole weeks. Double yippeeeeeee 🙂 }

And we’ve had a pretty rough week or so with not very much sleep and lots of sneezing and coughing 😦 which equals not much has been done in the way of housework.

So I had better go and blow off the layer of dust on my teapot (exaggeration, I hope) and do a bit of tidying (underaggeration. [Is there an antonym for exaggerate?] There’s lots of tidying to do!) before the honoured guests arrive. Which means, no ramblings this morning.

Just the big announcement that Little Man has crawled! Hip hip hurray!

We think.

I mean, he crawled a few stumbly wobbly hands-and-knees crawls. Enough to take a few hurried mobile phone video clips. Does that make it official or can you only say ‘my baby’s crawling’ when they get good at it and do it all the time? He’s a pretty good bottom shuffler/weird leg-out-to-the-side-bunny-hopping mover, but actual real confident crawling – not so much yet.

This is all new to us, so we don’t know the Parent Etiquette. Fill us in, anyone?

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The Cutest Boy In The World

I’m a tad biased, I know, but this is Little Man – the cutest boy in the whole entire world, ever.

He’s in the process of learning to crawl so he pulls himself up, rolls himself around, waves his bottom and limbs in all directions and generally looks hilarious. And of course, he inevitably hurts himself. Nothing a little cuddle and some distraction techniques can’t fix 🙂

So yes, I took pictures of him crying… maybe that makes me an awful mother, but it’s part of cataloguing his development, and well – he’s just so darn cute that I can’t help it!

That scrunched up face, the thumb in the mouth, the cheeky grin.

*heart melting*


He’s having a pretty miserable week – a cold and his first cough, added to the fact that he was already struggling to sleep with his body and brain going crazy trying to learn how to crawl. Yet, he still manages the biggest grins and the cutest giggles. Aaaaaw.

PS: Kudos to God – he was pretty darn clever to invent babies so cute…  it makes up for the insanity and impatience that sleep deprivation brings!

PS again: Apparently sleep issues around 8 months is quite common. I’ve been reading up about Wonder Weeks here and here. What do you think? Any experience with it, mums out there? Any advice????????



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Foodie blog!!

Yesterday morning I stumbled upon a very cool food journey blog

It’s amazing what one might find when searching for a cheese straws recipe! The aforementioned blogger had left a comment on the bbc recipe, and since I had some time on my hands (what?????) I sauntered on over to pay a visit to her blog. I liked what I saw! And since I had all this time on my hands (how????) I also left her loads of comments. She probably thinks I’m a stalker. Oops.

So how is it that I had all this time on my hands, you ask?

This miraculous occurrence was brought about by a really really really rubbish night. After numerous NUMEROUS (yes, I’m shouting in my head) wake-ups in the night, I finally got Little Man to settle by lying with him in the spare bed at about 4:30am. He then proceeded to sleep for more than four hours without even stirring – twice as long as he had managed to go for at any stretch during the night! Usually, I would’ve slept right along with him for all of those four hours but of course, as life always seems to go, I had to be up early to wait for a technician who might arrive at any time between 7am and 1pm. 7am and 1pm! That’s a lot of waiting.

Ah ha! That would be why I had all that time on my hands.

So, I had blurry eyes and a fuzzy head (and still haven’t quite recovered) but I did find a great new blog 🙂

Every cloud has a silver food encrusted  lining, huh?

PS I made uber easy cheese straws using puff pastry. And cocktail sausage pigs in blankets. And red velvet cupcakes. {I wish I knew what blogger code is to show that I’m singing the cupcakes bit in an operatic voice. Bold & italics together maybe?  Red Velvet Cupcakes! Did the capital letters help at all with the operatic theme? How about *Red Velvet Cupcakes* ? Yes, I think the asterisks do it. } More on this food fantasia to follow….


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Blog-induced insomnia

I have mentioned this before, but part of the reason I started this blog was because I had time on my hands. Not do-useful-things-around-the-the-house kind of things, but I’m-stuck-on-the-sofa-with-sleeping-baby kind of time. Where I was rooted to the spot involuntarily, with just a movable hand and a mobile phone. And I was also trying to keep myself awake at night while feeding Little Man.

But things have improved so much in the sleep department that I actually don’t have that time anymore. Now, I am supposed to use my time for washing dishes, folding millions of baby vests and thinking about what to cook for supper. And somewhere in there I am supposed to sleep too.But instead, when it comes time to sleep, my brain wants to blog. And I have to. If I don’t get the thoughts typed up, they will be gone forever. One of two things happens:
1. They disappear forever as though I had never thought them.
2. They rattle around in my head, changing and distorting so that when I have the time to write them down, they look, sound and feel weird. Forced and artificial.

Either one of those = no blog post, since I want these posts to be genuine. No point forcing out a few lines of writing just for the sake of having a post for the day.
So… when the thought hits, I have to write. I have blog-induced insomnia. I love it 🙂

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I Say Po-Tay-To, You Say Po-Tah-to

I am, right now, sitting in Little Man’s darkened room. He’s asleep at last and I intend to keep him that way as long as possible. Which is why I am here in the dark holding him. Sigh. Usually I quite enjoy this quiet time – perfect for catching up on Facebook and emails* or Googling random things – but today I am hungry… so I keep Googling about food and making it worse (why do I do this to myself?) I was thinking – dreaming – about tonight’s jacket potatoes, when I came across a whole site dedicated to the wonderful potato.

When it comes to my Food Favourites, potatoes are way up there (okay, okay, I have lots of favourites but potatoes are really high on the list). I could easily eat potatoes every night, and usually would prefer them as the main (only?) part of the meal instead of a measly side.

So I was excited to see a whole website dedicated to the love of potatoes… so excited/obsessed/hungry that I had to blog about it.

And now back to my hunger-induced imaginings… Soon I shall be biting into a perfectly baked potato – HOT HOT HOT, crisp skin, soft insides. Hmmm… what are you eating tonight??

Sidetrack: I also noticed a link to a potato growing project for schools… guess what I want to do when I go back to work?

*E-mail vs Email: I’ve dropped the hyphen these days. Anyone else do that too? Are there cyberspace rules about this?

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Oh Sweet Start

Time for me to write my first real post! If you have read the ‘About Me’ bit on my blog, or know me even a little, you will know that I am something of a chocaholic. I also like to bake, and probably may favourite thing to make, for many reasons, is chocolate brownies. So my first ever proper real post is going to be dedicated to chocolate brownies. And to help you share in my joy, here is my recipe.
Err, nope… the Love Of My Life has just arrived home from work positively laden with chocolate!!!!!! Bliss!
So this first post is just dedicated to chocolate.


I am a rubbish photographer, though I’d love to be good at it. Please excuse, nay forgive, my terrible terrible photos.

PS The chocolate brownie recipe will follow soon!
PS2 The reason for all the chocolate was a screeching baby, all day long. We’re working on his naps and Little Man’s not happy about it.


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