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About A Boy

No, not the film. Nor the book.

Ha – did you even know there was a book??

This is all about my little boy… he has just hit 10 months. That’s getting dangerously close to the one year mark. It means he’s cute and interactive and lots of fun, but it also means he’s not going to be a baby for all that much longer. Sniff sniff.

But this post is a celebration of all the cool things about him at the moment.

It’ll probably definitely be pretty boring to anyone who isn’t immediate family, so here’s a big fat

The Little Man 🙂

*He has seven teeth. Gosh darn it they make for a cute grin.

*He can clap his hands (at last! He started at 9 months 30 days, lol)

Squint through the blur and you'll see he's clapping. Really.

*He eats solid food (at last! I finally gave up even trying him on pureed stuff… he just skipped that stage entirely and is on the Mr Independent I-will-only-eat-it-if-I-can-pick-it-up-and-feed-myself)

*He walks holding onto the furniture, stopping periodically to bang any flat surfaces as hard as possible. This is often accompanied by loud shouting lovely singing along.

*He plays rough-and-tumble games with his Pappa, and laughs his head off the whole time 🙂 This YouTube video clip shows it better than photos can.

*He waves and ‘calls’ to people. And dogs. But not to other babies – he doesn’t seem to know what other babies are for. What do you mean play with them? Huh?

*He likes to take turns and ‘share’ whatever he’s playing with. No matter how soggy and chewed-up. We humour him, but only cos he’s cute.

*He can say nanannananananrarararararararararaaaaaaooooorrr. Oh, that’s not a great baby achievement? Oops, strike that then. Sorry.

*He turns the pages of books. This is obviously very exciting for him, as he’s not at all interested in the story, the pictures or the funny voices we put on for each character.

{No photos of this one… it’s usually at bedtime. Bringing out a camera at bedtime would be far too exciting, and totally ruin our bedtime routine…}

*He’s getting the hang of a ball. Daddy’s boy, for sure.

What a legend.

Happy 10 months



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A Personalised Gift

I love these…

By Sweet Dimple on Not On The High Street

By sarah & bendrix on Not On The High Street

By sarah & bendrix on Not On The High Street

I’ve wanted to try to make something like this for ages in my homemade and repurposed quest… so a recent wedding was the perfect excuse to make one as a gift 🙂


Frame from charity shop (a pair for £1.50)

White spraypaint

Sandpaper (we had this already)

Red paper

Old books (car boot sale purchase – remember this?)

Step 1: Remove hanging fixtures and keep. Lightly sand the frame, then coat with white spraypaint. I used many many many coats. And I sanded lightly again before my last two coats. Then I screwed the hanging fixture back into the same holes at the back.

Between coats of spraypaint, I got on with…

Step 2:

Make paper hearts out of old book pages

Personalise two red paper hearts with names and dates. I tried a few different things (rubber stamps, handwriting, printing on computer) but using fonts in Word and just printing it onto red paper was the nicest looking. Boring to do, but nicest to look at!

I made extra hearts and fiddled around with the layout and number of hearts a bit until I was happy with it.

And then all I had to do was put the frame back together again, and voila!

I liked it 🙂

Hopefully, they did too.

I’m looking forward to doing something similar with the second frame of the pair too.


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Birthday presents. Again.

Sniff, sniff. Apologies for the blurry, pixelated banner. Grrr. I worked on it all  weekend, trying to figure out the image editing tools, and after I had finally got it looking pretty and uploaded it, I realised I’d made it too small *tearing out hair* 

I will hopefully have an improved version after next weekend. Hopefully.


I know that I am so drawing out this whole birthday thing, but I did mention previously that I was waiting for a part of my gift from LOML that still had to arrive in the post and that I would let you know about it. So at least you were warned.

And I figured that since I’m writing about birthday gifts, I might as well show you what else I got. But to make it fun (for me, anyway) it’s going to be in the form of cryptic clues. Answers on a postcard…

And before I give you the answers, I absolutely have to tell you  about my birthday treat from my friend who made the Cookie Dough Delight I went on and on and on about a while back. Yes, you guessed it – we went to Pizza Hut and had the real deal! Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. It was spectacular!!!!!!!!!! And I am embarrassed at my own attempts to recreate it without even having tasted the original. Oh well, back to the drawing board with that one. I suspect I shall have some fun trying to perfect that 🙂

The moment you’ve all been waiting for (for, like, 10 seconds). Drumroll please. The solutions to my cryptic clues:

Super gadgety Babyliss curling tongs from T. Thanks my friend!

Now I’ve just to try figure out how to get my hair looking like all those pretty pictures in the online instructions…

Pretty bead bracelet from L. Such gorgeously summery colours, love it!

A friend made it – you can buy similar accessories from her here and here.

Ampersand necklace from LOML.

I helped to choose it because I had a few requirements… small and unobtrusive (check), hand stamped silver (check), typewriter-looking font (check).

We got it from here.

I was treated so well by all my friends… phone calls and messages, cards, a gift voucher for a swanky spa, wine… lucky me!

Thank you 🙂

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How lovely

Aaaaawwww, how lovely was the royal wedding??

And how utterly gorgeous was Kate’s dress? I mean, the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress. Do you think we can still refer to her as Kate (as though we know her on first name terms, lol)? She looked so graceful and elegant and poised. Well done to her!

I keep thinking back to little moments, like William leaning over as Kate and her father arrived at the altar, and whispered something like, ‘ I though this was supposed to be a small family affair’. And when they drove out of Buckingham Palace in a decorated car – like ‘normal’ newlyweds (except that most newly married couples aren’t driving out of a palace in an Aston Martin with throngs of crowds and cameras, but as normal as a royal couple could possibly attempt to be).

But do you know what was not cool?? The camera work in the Abbey – we missed Kate’s veil being lifted away from her face! One moment she was still covered, then pan out to watch some stuffy VIP’s singing, and then – oh look – we can see Kate’s face. Ummm, that’s a pretty important moment! I want to know how and who and when. Did her father take it off? Can anyone fill me in on what’s traditional at a royal wedding when it comes to veils?

And then Sky tv coverage also managed to miss the second balcony kiss during the flypast. NOOOOOOOO! Sure, it was nice to see a bird’s eye view of Buckingham Palace  from the camera in the plane, but not when it meant we didn’t see the kiss. And it was the better kiss, upon watching highlights (and then re-watching it on endless endless reruns!)

You just gotta love the little flowergirl covering her ears during the noisy flypast 🙂

Did any of you see the riderless horse running after the open carriage carrying Wills and Kate to Buckingham Palace after the ceremony?? Brilliant! Apparently the rider fell off (the horses were walking for goodness sake!) and got a good telling off for it!

Ah, it’s all these little funny moments that really make a memorable wedding…. any of you have funny wedding moments of your own that made your day special?

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Here comes the bride

Today is the day of the Royal Wedding! I assumed that I wouldn’t really be bothered by it, but I’ve actually found myself getting into the swing of it a little… Aaw, everyone loves a wedding. And a good love story. And a prince and princess!

So here’s a bit of cheesy celebration 🙂

Via Love & Home

Via bauers_petz_n_more on eBay

Via The Contemporary Home on notonthehighstreet.com

Via Royal Wedding Mania

Via KK Outlet

A Very Modern Royal Wedding, KK Outlet

The Happy Couple Aaaaawww

And some even cheesier celebrations closer to home:

Iced biscuits to celebrate with friends

My school held a no-holds-barred street party yesterday… the children and staff dressed up in all their prince or princess finery, there were balloons and bunting and flags. Even a life size cardboard cut out of Kate and William! Live music by one of the music teachers, a huge spread of food, wedding cake baking competition entries from each class – it was incredible! The children sang the anthem and toasted the queen and everything. All the pomp and circumstance befitting a royal wedding 🙂

And the weather was just gorgeous! So was my little prince.

I’m planning on having warm scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam but I’m getting a little distracting watching all the preparations on tv. But I’m pretty sure I’ll have to make red velvet cupcakes to celebrate the anticipated Buckingham Palace balcony kiss 🙂

*Best wishes to the happy couple*

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Some Birthday Camera Embracing

On Saturday it was my 30th birthday 🙂

The weather was gorgeous, but the baby was miserable… must be teeth (blame everything on the teeth!). He didn’t nap properly so we didn’t get a single photo with a smile in it. That’s babies for you – when you want them to smile for your birthday photos, they just don’t.

But we had a lovely day anyway. Here are a few more pics of us, and we even managed a family snap:

Hope you’re all getting out your cameras to do some snapping today!

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Happy Easter All…

Well, it’s a luvverly long Easter weekend… and it’s my 30th birthday tomorrow!

Happy birthday to me 🙂

I wanted to share a great hot cross bun recipe for Easter. I haven’t made any this year because the weather’s been so lovely –  hot cross buns feel like they should be eaten fresh out of the oven on a cool day with a cuppa, and we’ve been out and about so much in the sunshine that I’ve not really had the time (or the inclination to be around a hot oven).

That means that obviously I don’t have photos to put on the post, but I’ve scanned taken a photo of the picture from the actual recipe (cut out of a magazine)… Scanner software has gone on holiday too, it seems.

I don’t know about you, but I like to see what the finished product should [but probably won’t in my case!] look like. So here goes:


450g strong white bread flour

1 tsp salt

1 tblspn mixed spice

50g butter (diced)

75g caster sugar

1 sachet (7g) instant yeast

150g sultanas

300ml [half and half] milk & water

vegetable oil for brushing


50g flour (self-raising or cake/plain)

2 tblspn caster sugar


Sift flour, salt and spice in a large bowl.

Rub in the butter with your fingertips.

Stir in the sugar, yeast and fruit.

Make a well and pour in the milk and water, gradually folding in the flour mixture until a soft dough forms.

Turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 5 mins until smooth and elastic, then shape into a ball.

Brush the inside of a bowl with oil, put the dough in the bowl and cover with cling film/damp tea towel.

Leave to rise in a warm place until doubled in size (about an hour and a half, but rising times vary – it could be 2 hours, or more, in a cold kitchen).

Brush a large round cake tin (about 25cm diameter) with oil.

Divide the dough into 10 equal pieces and shape into balls, keeping the tops smooth.

Arrange in the cake tin and cover with cling film – leave to prove like this for about 30 mins (again, in a warm place until doubled in size).

Preheat oven to 200 deg C (180 degF/gas 6).

Make the crosses: Mix flour with 4 tblspns cold water in a small bowl until smooth. Spoon into a freezer bag, snip off one corner and pipe crosses on the buns.

Bake for 15 mins until golden*

Prepare the glaze while buns bake: Heat the sugar with 4 tblspns water in a  small pan until the sugar has dissolved.

As soon as the buns come out of the oven, transfer to a wire rack and brush with the glaze.
Leave to stand in a warm place until the glaze dries.

*I always land up baking mine for about 20 mins, as the underside is still a bit raw and squishy after 15 mins.

Happy Easter, and happy baking 🙂

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