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Anyone Know A Mr Rupert Holmes?

See if you can follow this train of thought:

Borrowed a baby walker = time to start thinking about babyproofing = sort through kitchen cupboards = remove anything sharp, fragile, poisonous from lower cupboards= find the cocktail ingredients from three years ago’s New Year’s Eve party = pino coladas = my first summer in London = cocktails and Rupert Holmes single

Phew. That’s quite a train.

But that is how I got to thinking about pino coladas and getting caught in the rain. About not being into yoga and having half a brain. And Mr One Hit Wonder Rupert Holmes.

We don’t drink very much (hence the cocktail ingredients [read: bottles of the hard stuff] still being in the cupboard, right at the back), but when I do it is usually for some special celebration, and if it doesn’t taste sweet and fruity, I can’t drink it. So pino coladas are my cup of tea (Heehee. Cup of tea. Cocktail. Weird combo). In fact, a pino colada was the first alcohol I ever (knowingly and willingly) drank…

It was 2004. We were newbies in the UK and loving it. It was the start of a great summer in London (yes, they are possible). Fab housemates in our new house. Certainly worth celebrating. Man, we went all out! We hollowed out coconuts and pineapples, bought curly straws and paper umbrellas, and – my first ever online cd purchase – had If You Like Pino Coladas playing in the background.

Ah, those were the days! I had great fun in that house. Some days it feels like just yesterday, other days it’s like another life… it’s a far, far cry from the life I live now. [Which is lots of cry and no far, far.]

Mr Rupert Holmes might have been forgotten, but everyone remembers the pino colada song, and I will always remember my first summer pino colada party 🙂


Now, who’s up for cocktails??


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