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Busy busy busy

Today is turning into one of those I-thought-I-had-loads-of-time-but-suddenly-the-day-is-full-and-I’m-running-out-of-time kind of days.

So, as briefly as I can make this post, this is something I picked up at a charity shop yesterday:

  • Lace on the edges to be ‘repurposed’ –  on gifts instead of ribbon, and possibly another attempt at fabric flowers.
  • Floral fabric – as well as a bit of  ‘bleach & dye’ experimentation (a little bit like this), I intend making a teething/nursing necklace (like this)
And I stopped in at the greengrocer to see what looked good, and ended up walking away with some strawberries and this fruit box:
I know the photos don’t really show the box very well, but I just got so caught up in photographing the lettering and the cool red heart…

I was very chuffed with myself for asking him (Simon, the very friendly greengrocer) about what he does with the fruit boxes… usually I would just gaze longingly but chicken out of actually asking such a question in case he 1) thought it was a ridiculous question and that I was a loony, or 2) laughed at me because of course he re-uses them and would never think of giving them away, or 3) offered to sell it to me, which I would decline and therefore look like a cheapskate trying beg stuff off others for free [which I was].
Great news! He loved that I loved the box and happily emptied the oranges that were being displayed into a different box. He then proceeded to offer me others, even though he does re-use the boxes for home deliveries. I was walking with the pram so I could barely take the first box, let alone any others, but he’s keeping some for me. What a nice man 🙂

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A Leaf From My Book

Last week Friday I posted about a use for those old books I bought at a car boot sale.

And here’s what else I’ve been doing with those old vintage pages… plus cereal boxes, doilies and vellum paper.

I used gift tags [that I bought a while back from here] as a rough guide to cut out rectangles from old cereal boxes (look at me repurposing all proper-like). I then glued the printed, colourful side of the cereal box onto suitable pages and cut out the tags. The brownish inside of the cereal box makes a nice neutral surface to write on.

On top of the page side of the tag, I glued a bit of paper doily (el cheapo) and hole-punched a message – birthday, in this case. I bought a pack of vellum and printed out a billion different messages – congrats, thank you’s, etc. to add to the ‘generic’ tag whenever I need them.

Lastly, I used rubber stamps to stamp out the recipient’s name in the doily bit. Then I strung the tag and birthday message on some twine and tied onto the gift.

While I was making this tag, I also used some scraps of Cath Kidston writing paper (leftover from this little project) to make another tag in the same way:

And here’s what I hope to still do one day with those old vintage book pages…

Via Kara Paslay Designs

A little ambitious perhaps? Especially considering my crafting skills don’t seem to go beyond gift tags!

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A Personalised Gift

I love these…

By Sweet Dimple on Not On The High Street

By sarah & bendrix on Not On The High Street

By sarah & bendrix on Not On The High Street

I’ve wanted to try to make something like this for ages in my homemade and repurposed quest… so a recent wedding was the perfect excuse to make one as a gift 🙂


Frame from charity shop (a pair for £1.50)

White spraypaint

Sandpaper (we had this already)

Red paper

Old books (car boot sale purchase – remember this?)

Step 1: Remove hanging fixtures and keep. Lightly sand the frame, then coat with white spraypaint. I used many many many coats. And I sanded lightly again before my last two coats. Then I screwed the hanging fixture back into the same holes at the back.

Between coats of spraypaint, I got on with…

Step 2:

Make paper hearts out of old book pages

Personalise two red paper hearts with names and dates. I tried a few different things (rubber stamps, handwriting, printing on computer) but using fonts in Word and just printing it onto red paper was the nicest looking. Boring to do, but nicest to look at!

I made extra hearts and fiddled around with the layout and number of hearts a bit until I was happy with it.

And then all I had to do was put the frame back together again, and voila!

I liked it 🙂

Hopefully, they did too.

I’m looking forward to doing something similar with the second frame of the pair too.


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Haha! Oh joy! What ho!

I have found somewhere to organise my I Really Want This List Wish List without having to bookmark or copy and paste a gazillion websites 🙂

I guess it’s kind of like the social network of collected images. You ‘pin’ internet images onto your boards, and other people can follow you, see your boards, and ‘repin’ the pictures (ideas, inspiration, etc.) onto their own boards.  When you pin the picture to your board, the owner of that image automatically is credited – the link appears below the picture, and anyone can quickly and easily see (and go to) the website that the picture comes from.

Hmm, I hope that makes sense….

Sorry, I couldn’t get the picture of my boards any bigger in the post – if you want to see it more clearly, click on the picture itself and you’ll be taken directly to my Pinterest page.

Anyway, this is Pinterest.

This is where you can get an invitation to join (yes, you need to be invited!)


People use it to catalogue all sorts – fashion, science and technology, wedding ideas, books… anything really! For me, it’s my Wish List, my crafty/DIY/repurposing To Do list, and my These Things Are Just Generally Gorgeous list.



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Embroidery Hoop Art

I wanted to be all clever and do something April Fools-y for April First… but I just don’t have the brain space. It is the end of the week, after all. I do enjoy a good ol’ practical joke, but I think I’ll leave that kind of thing to the comedians and comediennes amongst us.

Here’s what’s in my head today.

A little while ago, I mentioned a hoop design that had inspired me to make my own little something for the baby’s room. Instead of a hoop I just used a canvas I already had, in the spirit of finding a new purpose for old things rather than throwing them away and buying new stuff.

I was unable to credit the idea at the time, but the creator of the lovely hoop I showed you has reappeared on Etsy, so here goes… Take a look at a few of Abigail’s pretty pieces


I am also drooling over this as a wedding or anniversary gift:


Which reminded me of these (which I love possibly even more):

From Sweet Dimple



From sarah & bendrix


I am positively itching to get going on my own frame like this… I think I’ll use our wedding anniversary as an excuse to make something as a ‘practise’ before actually trying to make one as a gift.

Oooh, I’m excited! I’ll let you know how it goes.

First on on the Plan Of Action list – find a box frame/shadow frame that’s not too expensive. Google, here I come!

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Update: Something for Little Man’s Room

Last week I posted that I had plans for a repurposed canvas… click here for a reminder.

LOML is away this week, so I’ve been bored had the time to actually get cracking on this project. Okay, so ‘project’ may be an exaggeration – it’s not exactly a major undertaking, but I’ve not done anything like this before, so it’s a pretty big deal in my books! So here is the finished product:

Ta da!

Please excuse the poor quality of the picture. I hoped the nice editing would help, but it’s still not the most focused photograph. Darn point-and-shoot.

This is what I used: A little closer for some details: And here’s a quick look at something else I made with those old jeans…


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Something for Little Man’s Room

When I was pregnant, I had a lovely idea that I would use paint or ink to put Little Man’s teeny tiny hand and foot prints onto a canvas to hang in his room, with his date of birth and maybe some or other meaningful and sentimental phrase. A bit like this.

I had a canvas – perfect. Although I had used it already when I tried my hand at acrylic on canvas a few years ago. Not great. But I still had the canvas because I’m a hoarder. Plan: paint over the picture and I will once again have a blank… well, canvas. Bought a couple of tester pots of paint cheap-cheap from the local DIY store. Done! Easy peasy.

Then Little Man arrived. He didn’t like being undressed and I didn’t like the idea of getting paint all over his clothes. He also didn’t like having his hands or feet held down and forced into a ‘natural’ position. Oh dear. Sweet idea, but impossible in reality. I think I managed to get one smudged 9 week old footprint. That’s not really going to make for great artwork on his wall! (I have saved it for the scrapbook, though.)

However this didn’t solve what to do with the pesky canvas that was still around, taking up valuable storage space (babies need a lot of stuff!). Plus I’d already painted it. Can’t waste it!

Then I saw this idea that I though I could adapt in some way to create this canvas at long last:

(I apologise for the lack of linkage – I like to give credit where it is due – but unfortunately the creator of this lovely piece seems to have disappeared off Etsy.)


Basically, what I will be doing, is stealing this wonderful idea, adapting it to work on a canvas, totally ruining it, and then putting it proudly up on the wall. Sigh. I hope I don’t totally ruin it!

I intend to do as much repurposing as possible, and using things I already have rather than going out and buying any expensive materials, equipment and so on… Repainting that old canvas was a good start, I reckon 🙂


PS – Look, bunting! [See yesterday’s post if you’re confused]


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