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Just the other day, this arrived in the post and got me thinking…


Recently, a friend came to stay for the weekend… and she brought presents!

A cute little outfit for Little Man:

But – more importantly for the purposes of this post – she gave me this:

In the past, this friend has also given me Cath Kidston tissues, writing paper, a make-up purse, nail files, and bibs (for Little Man when he was Bump rather than Little Man)…

Hmmm, there is a definite CK pattern here. And it continues:

  • When CK did a range of shopping bags for Tesco, I specifically did smaller shops so that I had to shop more often and therefore wouldn’t miss any new bags (they staggered the release of four or five different designs). Needless to say, I don’t actually use the bags for the groceries – they’re far too pretty for that!
  • For Christmas, LOML gave me a Cath Kidston purse.
  • Since I can’t actually afford CK soft furnishings, I made some cute windmills out of the aforementioned writing paper to bring a touch of summer to the living room…


Clearly, I’m a Kidston-o-phile…

Thanks, Cath, for making vintage and feminine so cool!






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A Little Positivity

After the rather depro posts of Monday and Tuesday, it’s nice to write something a little more positive 🙂

These are the lovely things that I’m grateful for this week…

* Unexpected visitors: Friends who knew Little Man had to stay home (contagious, long-ish story) so they visited us to make sure we weren’t too lonely 🙂 And they brought daffodils. How kind!

*Helpful strangers: A sympathetic and helpful email in reply to a query I had about a product from this online shop. I am looking into the possibility of using bee propolis as a natural antibiotic for when Little Man’s dribble rash gets infected from all his scratching (grrrr).

*Lovely sunshine: Another beautiful spring day, perfect for playing outdoors and for Little Man to learn about leaves and twigs!

*Fun stuff: I’m loving how LM can do more interactive things these days. Yesterday we made hand and footprints in clay. They didn’t turn out marvellously (it was hard to press his hand/foot into the clay hard enough to make a deep print, plus hard to keep him still for very long) but it was fun to try anyway! And a big thank you to a friend from our Monday group for giving us the clay and the idea 🙂

So much to be grateful for, and that was only Monday and Tuesday. Looking forward to the rest of the week.

Good times 🙂


PS Little Man is fine – spots all dried out so I reckon we’re good to go…


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Anyone Know A Mr Rupert Holmes?

See if you can follow this train of thought:

Borrowed a baby walker = time to start thinking about babyproofing = sort through kitchen cupboards = remove anything sharp, fragile, poisonous from lower cupboards= find the cocktail ingredients from three years ago’s New Year’s Eve party = pino coladas = my first summer in London = cocktails and Rupert Holmes single

Phew. That’s quite a train.

But that is how I got to thinking about pino coladas and getting caught in the rain. About not being into yoga and having half a brain. And Mr One Hit Wonder Rupert Holmes.

We don’t drink very much (hence the cocktail ingredients [read: bottles of the hard stuff] still being in the cupboard, right at the back), but when I do it is usually for some special celebration, and if it doesn’t taste sweet and fruity, I can’t drink it. So pino coladas are my cup of tea (Heehee. Cup of tea. Cocktail. Weird combo). In fact, a pino colada was the first alcohol I ever (knowingly and willingly) drank…

It was 2004. We were newbies in the UK and loving it. It was the start of a great summer in London (yes, they are possible). Fab housemates in our new house. Certainly worth celebrating. Man, we went all out! We hollowed out coconuts and pineapples, bought curly straws and paper umbrellas, and – my first ever online cd purchase – had If You Like Pino Coladas playing in the background.

Ah, those were the days! I had great fun in that house. Some days it feels like just yesterday, other days it’s like another life… it’s a far, far cry from the life I live now. [Which is lots of cry and no far, far.]

Mr Rupert Holmes might have been forgotten, but everyone remembers the pino colada song, and I will always remember my first summer pino colada party 🙂


Now, who’s up for cocktails??

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