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A Personalised Gift

I love these…

By Sweet Dimple on Not On The High Street

By sarah & bendrix on Not On The High Street

By sarah & bendrix on Not On The High Street

I’ve wanted to try to make something like this for ages in my homemade and repurposed quest… so a recent wedding was the perfect excuse to make one as a gift 🙂


Frame from charity shop (a pair for £1.50)

White spraypaint

Sandpaper (we had this already)

Red paper

Old books (car boot sale purchase – remember this?)

Step 1: Remove hanging fixtures and keep. Lightly sand the frame, then coat with white spraypaint. I used many many many coats. And I sanded lightly again before my last two coats. Then I screwed the hanging fixture back into the same holes at the back.

Between coats of spraypaint, I got on with…

Step 2:

Make paper hearts out of old book pages

Personalise two red paper hearts with names and dates. I tried a few different things (rubber stamps, handwriting, printing on computer) but using fonts in Word and just printing it onto red paper was the nicest looking. Boring to do, but nicest to look at!

I made extra hearts and fiddled around with the layout and number of hearts a bit until I was happy with it.

And then all I had to do was put the frame back together again, and voila!

I liked it 🙂

Hopefully, they did too.

I’m looking forward to doing something similar with the second frame of the pair too.



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How lovely

Aaaaawwww, how lovely was the royal wedding??

And how utterly gorgeous was Kate’s dress? I mean, the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress. Do you think we can still refer to her as Kate (as though we know her on first name terms, lol)? She looked so graceful and elegant and poised. Well done to her!

I keep thinking back to little moments, like William leaning over as Kate and her father arrived at the altar, and whispered something like, ‘ I though this was supposed to be a small family affair’. And when they drove out of Buckingham Palace in a decorated car – like ‘normal’ newlyweds (except that most newly married couples aren’t driving out of a palace in an Aston Martin with throngs of crowds and cameras, but as normal as a royal couple could possibly attempt to be).

But do you know what was not cool?? The camera work in the Abbey – we missed Kate’s veil being lifted away from her face! One moment she was still covered, then pan out to watch some stuffy VIP’s singing, and then – oh look – we can see Kate’s face. Ummm, that’s a pretty important moment! I want to know how and who and when. Did her father take it off? Can anyone fill me in on what’s traditional at a royal wedding when it comes to veils?

And then Sky tv coverage also managed to miss the second balcony kiss during the flypast. NOOOOOOOO! Sure, it was nice to see a bird’s eye view of Buckingham Palace  from the camera in the plane, but not when it meant we didn’t see the kiss. And it was the better kiss, upon watching highlights (and then re-watching it on endless endless reruns!)

You just gotta love the little flowergirl covering her ears during the noisy flypast 🙂

Did any of you see the riderless horse running after the open carriage carrying Wills and Kate to Buckingham Palace after the ceremony?? Brilliant! Apparently the rider fell off (the horses were walking for goodness sake!) and got a good telling off for it!

Ah, it’s all these little funny moments that really make a memorable wedding…. any of you have funny wedding moments of your own that made your day special?

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Here comes the bride

Today is the day of the Royal Wedding! I assumed that I wouldn’t really be bothered by it, but I’ve actually found myself getting into the swing of it a little… Aaw, everyone loves a wedding. And a good love story. And a prince and princess!

So here’s a bit of cheesy celebration 🙂

Via Love & Home

Via bauers_petz_n_more on eBay

Via The Contemporary Home on notonthehighstreet.com

Via Royal Wedding Mania

Via KK Outlet

A Very Modern Royal Wedding, KK Outlet

The Happy Couple Aaaaawww

And some even cheesier celebrations closer to home:

Iced biscuits to celebrate with friends

My school held a no-holds-barred street party yesterday… the children and staff dressed up in all their prince or princess finery, there were balloons and bunting and flags. Even a life size cardboard cut out of Kate and William! Live music by one of the music teachers, a huge spread of food, wedding cake baking competition entries from each class – it was incredible! The children sang the anthem and toasted the queen and everything. All the pomp and circumstance befitting a royal wedding 🙂

And the weather was just gorgeous! So was my little prince.

I’m planning on having warm scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam but I’m getting a little distracting watching all the preparations on tv. But I’m pretty sure I’ll have to make red velvet cupcakes to celebrate the anticipated Buckingham Palace balcony kiss 🙂

*Best wishes to the happy couple*

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Embroidery Hoop Art

I wanted to be all clever and do something April Fools-y for April First… but I just don’t have the brain space. It is the end of the week, after all. I do enjoy a good ol’ practical joke, but I think I’ll leave that kind of thing to the comedians and comediennes amongst us.

Here’s what’s in my head today.

A little while ago, I mentioned a hoop design that had inspired me to make my own little something for the baby’s room. Instead of a hoop I just used a canvas I already had, in the spirit of finding a new purpose for old things rather than throwing them away and buying new stuff.

I was unable to credit the idea at the time, but the creator of the lovely hoop I showed you has reappeared on Etsy, so here goes… Take a look at a few of Abigail’s pretty pieces


I am also drooling over this as a wedding or anniversary gift:


Which reminded me of these (which I love possibly even more):

From Sweet Dimple



From sarah & bendrix


I am positively itching to get going on my own frame like this… I think I’ll use our wedding anniversary as an excuse to make something as a ‘practise’ before actually trying to make one as a gift.

Oooh, I’m excited! I’ll let you know how it goes.

First on on the Plan Of Action list – find a box frame/shadow frame that’s not too expensive. Google, here I come!

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Dreams dreams dreams

You know how they say you can’t die in a dream? Somehow you will always wake up just before that fateful moment?

Last night I had the weirdest dream. Nightmare, actually 😦 One of those unusual dreams that continue when you fall back to sleep after waking yourself up to stop the craziness. It involved a bad guy (of course). At first he just repeatedly stole stuff from me and my friends [uni friends of course, sleeping over at some strange hotel shopping mall thing],  but I always seemed to catch him thieving, so he started trying to kill me. Great. And always by throwing a ridiculous assortment of random sharp objects. Because naturally we were running. I was chasing him, shouting like crazy, and NOBODY ELSE DID ANYTHING TO HELP!! Why? And to make matters worse, when I tried throwing things at him to try to protect myself and stop him, all I could find were plastic things. Brilliant, that’s going to stop a hardened criminal and my wannabe murderer.

As I said, I woke myself up/got woken up by Little Man [it’s all a bit of a blur now] but it continued to get more and more strange, although all in the same vein, when I fell asleep again. It all came to a head when, just when I thought I had finally scared him off for good, he returned. I rushed to the door of my room to lock it, but through the interlocking door (to the kitchen?) came…. a cook.

She finished icing the cupcake that was in her hand, and then ate it, slowly, looking at me in a strange way. It was all in slow motion, and I had this awful feeling that maybe she was in cohoots with the thief/killer. I was shouting at her to lock the door, but she just kept on eating her cupcake, licking the icing off (something that annoys we in my awake state anyway!)… As I flicked the lock on the door, I looked over at her and for the first time I noticed… in her hand she was carrying a cake icer [yes, in my dream that is a real thing. It looks like a fire extinguisher, but it blasts out icing to hose over a cake rather than foam to put out a fire]… I was still holding onto the door handle after a dramatic dive to reach the lock… she locked eyes with me… out of the corner of my eye I could see her bringing the cake icer/fire extinguisher up to my head and holding it next to my ear… I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was going to kill me by spraying icing into my brain.

And Little Man let out a squawk and thankfullyI woke up.  I have never been so grateful to be woken up by a crying baby.

It was only when I got back into bed (afraid to go back to sleep) that I realised the fantastic truth: She was going to ice me. Ice me.

——— oOO ———

On a completely different note, I said on Monday that I would post the best Valentine ‘story’  from your comments. My poor Blogger Ego – only two comments! To make my B.E. feel better I’m telling myself it must just be that none of you did anything comment-worthy for Valentine’s Day (how sad), and of course you’re all such busy people that you obviously wouldn’t have had time to post a comment anyway…   😉

So thank you, Belinda and Helen, for your replies… and well done to the winning commenter, Belinda – I think perhaps I would have picked yours had there been hundreds of replies anyway since it sounded absolutely perfect (no doubt aided by the fact that you mention a beautiful sunset over Table Bay – pulling on the heart strings!)

Here’s what Belinda and her Special Someone did for Valentine’s Day (read it and be envious!):

“Enjoyed a cheese, fig jam and biscuits platter with a bottle of chilled rose champagne outside, watching the sun set over Table Bay. All from the comfort of our verandah.”

Sigh. Sounds perfect.


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Spread the Luuuurve

So… I’m dying to know what people did for Valentine’s Day. Share! Share! Do!


Do you have a cool V-Day tradition?

Did you get surprised by a mystery valentine?

Did you make something special or have something special made for you?


Post in the comment box below – I read all comments, and I will post** the coolest Valentine thing in my blog this week 🙂

**If you’re a local, you may even find yourself the recipient of some yummy brownies as well as having your idea published. [Sorry, sorry, and once again sorry, to non-Plymothians.]


Personally, getting some sleep is far more important than huge romantic gestures. The best Valentine’s Day gift ever is to not have to be the one who gets up each time there’s vocal action from the nursery. Thanks, LOML!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Back in my uni days I discovered the poetry of e. e. cummings.

This is one I have not been able to forget…

(How is that I so easily forgot the stuff I studied, but remember some random poem?)

love is more thicker than forget

love is more thicker than forget
more thinner than recall
more seldom than a wave is wet
more frequent than to fail
it is most mad and moonly
and less it shall unbe
than all the sea which only
is deeper than the sea 

love is less always than to win
less never than alive
less bigger than the least begin
less littler than forgive

it is most sane and sunly
and more it cannot die
than all the sky which only
is higher than the sky


Have a love-ly day, one and all, whether relishing the romance or bah-humbugging the commercialised gimmickiness of it all.

PS. I consider myself very lucky to have a wonderful husband and a gorgeous little boy. Both of whom I am very much in love with. And as for me and my peeps, we are thankful to our God who invented love in the first place, and who uses the most incredible ways to show us love, and to show us how to love.


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