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Recipe Book Update…

In a very long and blabby post a little while ago I mentioned my recipe book. I know, how boring. But it’s important to me, mmmkay?? I’m going to need a new one soon….

And so far I’ve found the following ideas:

I think this is my favourite in the practical stakes. I’m not a big fan of using a file, but I think that’s the way to keep things organised, for sure. Also, not keen on having to rewrite recipes, but I suppose I could just stick a recipe cut out in the big space.

Via The Kitchn and Pinterest

I like the cover of this binder/file:

Via Prudent Baby and Pinterest

Again, not so keen on using a file, but plastic sleeves (UK: plastic wallets/pockets) solve the problem of different sized recipes (cut out from magazines, handwritten on scrap paper, etc).  Bonus: on the website I can download the templates for that pretty file cover free 🙂

This one is pretty much the same idea, except without the plastic sleeves. She’s prettied it up with scrapbooking paper and things like that, and prefers to type up her recipes. Won’t be doing that.

From See Jamie Blog via Tip Junkie

Inside the binder (See Jamie Blog)

I love the vintagey look of this lettering:

From On Awesome Avenue via Tip Junkie

Oh boy. I think I’ve found my winner. Even if it weren’t the perfect solution, uh, it’s a Cath. And I love a Cath.

So it wins.

Image via Paper Posey

This is the info about what’s inside:

Via Amazon

The outside is pretty (pretty – check)

On the inside cover it has conversion charts (useful – check)

Tabbed sections to categorise recipes (practical – check)

It is a ring binder but also has pockets for cut-outs and ready-to-use punched pages for writing out recipes (works for all the different kinds of recipes I have – check)

*sigh* perfection.

Trust Cath xxxx


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Add to my To Do list:

Oh dear, my ‘I Really Want To Make This’ list is getting longer and longer…

Ever since I was a little girl and discovered chalk board paint, I have wanted to use it. And now (or has it always been like this?) you can also get magnetic chalk board paint. Double the fun! Perhaps I use ‘fun’ rather loosely. But double the practical uses, definitely!

I have long admired organisational accessories (what a geek) like this:

Love Of My Life was over in France a few weeks back and saw this in a shop: something similar to these photos in a shop….  He almost bought it on the spot, but then figured that since I’m on a DIY/repurposing journey, I would probably very much like to have a go at making something like this myself. He knows me well 🙂  He was also thoughtful enough to take a photo, which he has since accidentally and unfortunately deleted. Grrrr.

[Also, he had very quickly realised that getting it home was going to be a logistical nightmare. It’s a pretty big board.]

Hurray – so now I not only have ideas and inspiration for another project, I have LOML’s approval too!

But I have one big problem with chalk board organisers: I cannot cope with chalk dust. I sneeze and itch and just about go crazy when chalk is around. [What was I thinking becoming a teacher, huh? Thankfully, these days very few classrooms actually still have chalk boards. It’s all white boards and interactive boards (which are way cool, I must add).]

Enter the chalk marker. Drum roll, please.

Ta da! Problemo solved!


So now, a chalk board organiser is definitely on the cards.

I wish I could do something like this, but it would require some hanging and make unnecessary holes in our walls. Not good in a rented home!

Repurposed window chalkboard

Hmm, now… what do I have lying around that I can paint with chalk board paint  and pretend that I actually paid for it?

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