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Embrace The Camera


Emily over at The Anderson Crew has a lovely idea – Thursday is ‘Embrace The Camera’ day… Click on the picture above (or the button over to right below my categories) to go over to her blog.


Basically, it’s a way to ensure that you take photos with you in them.


It’s so easy in the hustle and bustle and busy-ness of every day to miss moments. And before you know it, weeks or even months may go by without you taking photos to remind yourself of the now.

I write ‘you’ but of course I mean me. This way, I’m committing to taking a picture at least once a week. And not a perfectly posed, ‘I’ve showered this week and my hair is not greasy’ kind of photo… A real ‘this is my life right now’ kind of photo.

I find that kind of photo hard to take. Who wants to show off their bad hair days?

No need to show them off. Even if you just save the photo onto your computer and don’t look at it again, it’s evidence of you and your life on this day. One day you can go back and look through all your dodgy photos and have  a good ol’ reminisce and chuckle… That’s awesome!

Go on, do it.


Eek -terrible light/shadows! But at least we have photographic evidence of sunshine in Plymouth, UK.

My Embrace The Camera moment. Proudly showing off my washed hair and my spring-hayfever-red-eyes 🙂



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I am a blogaholic. This was only discovered recently, but I believe that even though caught early on, the onset has been so sudden and so strong that I fear I may never recover.


It all started with just one blog. One magnificently wonderful blog.

Under The Sycamore

Ashley Ann is a photographer, and obviously one of those people who can visualise something as just an idea and actually turn it into a real, beautiful thing. She does this with her photos and with her amazing DIY projects. She’s also mum to four children, and doing a pretty darn great job of it by the looks and sounds of things.

Her blog is my daily fix of inspiration. She is always positive and intentional and unpretentious.

*When I grow up I want to be just like her*

Have a look. Now. Well, first look at the tags at the end of this post and if none of them appeal to you, you probably won’t appreciate her blog quite as much as I do.


After starting with just reading one blog, I naturally progressed onto others, some of which you will find on my blogroll of links.

If you have any favourites, I would love to hear about them!

Post a comment with the details, and I will check it out.


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