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I am loving the opportunity this blog gives me just to write. I’m no journalist, novelist or poet, but I really like the way putting pen to paper makes me feel.
Hmm. Honestly, no pen or paper, but ‘I really like the way thumbing away on my mobile’s qwerty keyboared makes me feel’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
Haha unintentional pun there… mobile phone, ring to it.

I can feel I’m getting totally distracted here, but going to go with it anyway: when writing I can have those ‘laugh at my unintended pun because I find it funny’ moments. That kind of brilliant humour would be lost on a primary school class.
But this way my sharp wit is recorded for posterity, and having that pun in black and white makes it real for me. It takes it out of my chaotic mind and gives it space to just be. For me, it is acknowledging that my thoughts are real, appreciating my own strange sense of humour, and perhaps most importantly, I can let go of that thought and free up some brainspace for new things.

This is not at all the post I was planning to write, but it hits the nail on the head in the point I was trying to make. When I write, my thoughts become public. There’s a freedom and vulnerability in that. This is me. This is how I express myself. Whether you ‘get’ me and my puns or not, this is me making myself known. And I like the way that makes me feel. This is my therapy.

PS I use ‘brilliant humour’ and ‘sharp wit’ tongue in cheek. It’s hyperbole – I’m exaggerating the funniness of the pun for effect, I hope nobody reads that and thinks I’m being serious!


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