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French Fancy

As you may already know, I’m kind of a Francophile. I love all most things French. Including the handwriting! [But not all of the cheeses. Heehee, writing ‘cheeses’ reminds me of the joke at Christmas with the little Babybel cheeses lying in a manger. Baby cheeses. 🙂 ]

I’ve had French student teachers helping out in my classroom a couple of times as part of their training, and I always ogle and drool over their perfect handwriting. I mean, we learnt cursive at school, but it’s an art form over there. They dedicate lots of lesson time to getting it right. And everybody gotta geddit it right. {I was saying that in a weird tough guy accent. Don’t know why. But read it that way anyway. Try it out loud 😉 }

aNyWaY… I’ve decided I’m going to work on my handwriting. I want it to be all purdy and curly and lovely like French writing.

These days so much is done on computer or texting, and I think handwritten things just add a nice personal touch to gifts and cards.

Wow, I’ve not tried cursive in about 15 years. It shows!

I’ve forgotten lots of the joins and capital letters.

Hope fully I’ll be able to show you an improved ‘After’ shot before too long.

If I can get it really pretty, I’d love to make something like this…

By Three Red Apples via Epheriell Designs

the tiny bird and co, Etsy

Excuse the hurried end to this post, and the very boring ‘Before’ shot of my handwriting… no time for editing – the Little Man is waking up.

That means I have some warm-sleepy-baby-cheek-kissing to do.

And maybe some tushie-squeezing and toe-eating too 😉

Have a lovely weekend, y’all!


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A kewel home blog

(That’s ‘cool’ by the way – a cool home blog)

I just had to share this blog with you… I love checking up on this family every now and then and seeing what they’re up to. Their posts are well written, photos are lovely and they have a home that they are making beautiful on a sensible budget. They seem like the kind of people I’d want to be friends with.

I guess that’s the trick – to write a blog in such a way that readers become involved and want to keep on reading, keep coming back for more because what you have to say is interesting, funny, helpful and relevant.

That’s why they are professional bloggers (yip, blogging is their job) and I’m just a nothing-particularly-exciting-to-say-but-I’ll-sneak-in-a-post-while-baby-sleeps kind of blogger. Suits me 🙂

But enough about me – go and have a look at their blog. Unleash the stalker in you and snoop around their home!!

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Wordy wordy wordy

I had a quick look at some of my previous posts over the weekend. Boy, do I ramble on. I have decided, as a personal challenge, that this week I will keep my posts very short and very simple.

Now that may not sound like much of a challenge to you, but when I start typing all the nonsense in my head wonderful and meaningful thoughts I have, I just can’t seem to stop. I just rabbit on and on and on, until eventually I have to split one idea into two separate posts (see Tarte Tatin post).

So here is my task: To not write more than 5 lines while still producing something worth reading. It could be thought provoking or funny or insightful or motivating, or just plain random, but it has to be short.

I can tell already that this is going to be tough. I have already deleted a few half-paragraphs in the process of writing this – the words just keep spilling out. How funny that on paper (or screen in this case) I can’t seem to shut up, but in person I’m pretty shy and quiet until you know me very well.

Clearly, I can’t make today’s post count for the challenge. Starting tomorrow I will try to keep my posts short and simple. Wish me luck!


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Blog-induced insomnia

I have mentioned this before, but part of the reason I started this blog was because I had time on my hands. Not do-useful-things-around-the-the-house kind of things, but I’m-stuck-on-the-sofa-with-sleeping-baby kind of time. Where I was rooted to the spot involuntarily, with just a movable hand and a mobile phone. And I was also trying to keep myself awake at night while feeding Little Man.

But things have improved so much in the sleep department that I actually don’t have that time anymore. Now, I am supposed to use my time for washing dishes, folding millions of baby vests and thinking about what to cook for supper. And somewhere in there I am supposed to sleep too.But instead, when it comes time to sleep, my brain wants to blog. And I have to. If I don’t get the thoughts typed up, they will be gone forever. One of two things happens:
1. They disappear forever as though I had never thought them.
2. They rattle around in my head, changing and distorting so that when I have the time to write them down, they look, sound and feel weird. Forced and artificial.

Either one of those = no blog post, since I want these posts to be genuine. No point forcing out a few lines of writing just for the sake of having a post for the day.
So… when the thought hits, I have to write. I have blog-induced insomnia. I love it 🙂

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I am loving the opportunity this blog gives me just to write. I’m no journalist, novelist or poet, but I really like the way putting pen to paper makes me feel.
Hmm. Honestly, no pen or paper, but ‘I really like the way thumbing away on my mobile’s qwerty keyboared makes me feel’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
Haha unintentional pun there… mobile phone, ring to it.

I can feel I’m getting totally distracted here, but going to go with it anyway: when writing I can have those ‘laugh at my unintended pun because I find it funny’ moments. That kind of brilliant humour would be lost on a primary school class.
But this way my sharp wit is recorded for posterity, and having that pun in black and white makes it real for me. It takes it out of my chaotic mind and gives it space to just be. For me, it is acknowledging that my thoughts are real, appreciating my own strange sense of humour, and perhaps most importantly, I can let go of that thought and free up some brainspace for new things.

This is not at all the post I was planning to write, but it hits the nail on the head in the point I was trying to make. When I write, my thoughts become public. There’s a freedom and vulnerability in that. This is me. This is how I express myself. Whether you ‘get’ me and my puns or not, this is me making myself known. And I like the way that makes me feel. This is my therapy.

PS I use ‘brilliant humour’ and ‘sharp wit’ tongue in cheek. It’s hyperbole – I’m exaggerating the funniness of the pun for effect, I hope nobody reads that and thinks I’m being serious!

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